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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Use of Seasonal Roads

    posted here because it's curiosity not a pending legal issue.

    In Michigan (elsewhere as well) we have seasonal roads which are marked by signs stating 'seasonal road not maintained by...
  2. Title Ownership: Re: Ex-Boyfriend Refuses to Return Title That is Completely in My Name

    Should be able to get a replacement title at the DMV, not sure what the charge for that would be. Normally need to show ID and sometimes registration info etc.
  3. Driver's License Applications: Re: How to Get a License in Another State When You're Suspended

    Mr Knowitall has it right, pay the fines and fees to get it reinstated, then work on obtaining an Ohio license.
    States are pretty well connected these days, so it is normal practice for Ohio to...
  4. Ticket Errors: Re: Completely Incorrect Vehicle Info

    That's what I was thinking. New car with recently transferred plates and insurance?
  5. Re: Driver's License Suspension and the Right to Travel

    Several years ago I looked very deeply into what motor vehicles could legally be operated on the road without a license. Pretty much the only vehicle that can be legally operated without a license...
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    Parking Tickets: Re: "Parked In-Between No Parking Signs"

    All you need to do is look up the meaning of the signs.
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    Parking Tickets: Re: "Parked In-Between No Parking Signs"

    Not really anything wrong with the signage. The no parking 6pm-7am Wednesday street cleaning sign means parking is allowed any time except between the hours of 6pm to 7am on Wednesdays, the no...
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    Parking Tickets: Re: "Parked In-Between No Parking Signs"

    What I see is a situation where it is open to interpretation.

    average traffic lane width is 9 to 12 feet in the US, when there is space past where the right side solid line would be it is...
  9. Vegetation: Re: Leaser, Harrasing Neighbor Homeowner, and HOA

    I'm with JK, unless the rules specifically state that the hedge maintenance is entirely your responsibility, you only need to take care of your side.
  10. Driver's License Applications: Re: Turning 18 and I Have Three Accidents

    I do not really see a problem with getting the license, if you only had one ticket and it was dismissed, then there is nothing in the way.
    As mentioned, insurance may be an issue, but most often...
  11. Adverse Possession: Re: How to Establish Adverse Possession When the Owner is Unknown

    When the states/territories were created and surveyed, the state was able to 'convey ownership' by sale or claim, so that implies that at some point the state or territory did claim ownership.
  12. Re: California VC 15210 (P)(8)

    Right to travel is based almost entirely on 'muscle power'. Any mode of travel that does not rely on 'muscle' is regulated by state or federal requirements. You can walk, bike, skate etc. and be...
  13. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Renting Storage Unit

    I'm with Ilworking, if they are renting storage space they have a legal obligation to maintain the premises, take the case to court.
  14. Purchase Contracts: Re: Buyer Wants a Manufactured Home Removed from the Property Before Closing

    not relevant to question, just want to point out that a person living on property WITH permission is NOT a squatter.

    the answer should revolve around whether the manufactured home is placed...
  15. Reckless Driving: Re: Can I Be Charged with Reckless Driving by My Camera on My Dirt Bike

    Sidewalks fall under 'any other public way' in the definition. They are designed for pedestrian traffic, which includes wheelchairs and other Handicap transport, but in most cases exclude bicycles...
  16. Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Making a Right at a Light to Avoid the Turn Lane

    The arrow is in the left turn lane, markings all the way up indicate that it's so. The blocks are marked and built in such a way as to discourage a right turn, the only lanes with no markings are...
  17. Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Making a Right at a Light to Avoid the Turn Lane

    The red arrow is an illegal turn.
  18. Termination of an Easement: Re: Removing Neighbor's Sewer Line Off My Property

    Another pair of questions that should be asked is if the sewer line is sized for two or more homes, and if it is even legal to connect them.
  19. Title Ownership: Re: Sold Vehicle but Transferred the Wrong Title

    Best option, offer to meet up with him at his convenience to swap titles so you both have title to the vehicle you have possession of.
    If he refuses, you need to remember that he is driving a...
  20. Title Ownership: Re: Who Has Legal Right to the Car

    I'll have to say no to all, it is in her name, she owns the car, any payments you could prove you made could easily be written off as 'helping a friend'
  21. Co-Ownership: Re: Inherited Property with Co-Owners ; Can I Sell My Share

    depends on what you mean by lot. A city lot is generally the smallest size allowed for building on, can't subdivide so sale would be impossible to a third party You'd need to sell to one of the other...
  22. Mortgages: Re: Mortgage Company Authorized Somebody to Enter Our Home

    Since it was your realty agent that called calling about your listing, I will assume it is your house.
    Neither realtors or mortgage companies have authority to send anyone into a legally occupied...
  23. Title Ownership: Re: How to Get Title to a Boat, Abanoned on a Property I Purchased

    Most dumps in Michigan will take them for a weight based fee. Most smaller boats don't have titles, I believe 16 foot is the cut off on older boats.
  24. Nuisance: Re: Can a City Plow Snow onto a Public Sidewalk and Require a Business to Shovel It O

    Is this a strip mall with each storefront having it's own exterior access, or a larger mall with stores accessed through interior walkways? If the first, the tenant is only responsible for the...
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    Warranties: Re: Roofing Shingles Failing

    Make sure you determine if the warranty is for labor. If it's the shingles that are failing, and nothing to do with the labor/install, you may be out of luck on the labor.
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