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  1. Trespassing: Re: Charged With Trespassing, but the Property Owner Agrees to Drop the Charge

    Don't plead out, this is a Misdemeanor, it is a criminal offense, and it will stay on your record if you plead guilty.

    If your record is otherwise pretty clean, I would imagine that a lawyer will...
  2. Criminal Law Issues: Re: Will I Have a Problem with Immigration when I Arrive to the U.S

    I don't think there is any way to get back to the terminal at O'hare without going through Customs. When you land in Chicago you get ferried through the separated corridors and don't get back to the...
  3. Traffic Accidents: Re: Drunk driver rear ended me with wife's car and insurance and a suspended license

    Liable, not Reliable.

    But it is going to come down to the details of the policy. He, and possibly also the wife will be liable. The real question is whether they are still covered by the policy...
  4. Licensing: Re: Creative Commons

    I think the Answer you are looking for is "All of the Above"

    1. The app description is an appropriate place to state that this is a derivative work based on the original, and give credit to the...
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    Embezzlement: Re: Falsely Accused of Theft from Hotel

    If and when the police come, don't say anything, request to talk to your lawyer. You don't need an attorney yet, since it is entirely possible this will work itself out internally at the hotel,...
  6. Business Regulation: Re: Licensing Requirements for a Business That Transports a Client's Car

    Where did you find this definition of a Chauffeur? I don't see how you would be anything other than a Chauffeur. You mention one direct competitor, but google turns up a bunch of Chauffeur for hire...
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    Service and Repair: Re: Fire from Defect Maker Refusing to

    I'm not sure I believe any of this, but if you have already contacted your insurance, and they had some one look at it and determined it was a manufacturers defect then let them handle it, pay your...
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    Service and Repair: Re: Fire from Defect Maker Refusing to

    This is true, and there is a good chance that they should have been responsible for replacing the Transmission. However your negligence made the issue more severe, and they are not responsible for...
  9. Travel and Recreation: Re: Car Not Available at the Rental Company Despite Prepayment Through Their Site

    I found it, If you go to deals, then Save up to 25% when you prepay your next rental! and click on terms and conditions there is a legal notice that covers this. Here are the T&C If MR. KIA or some...
  10. Regulations and Procedures: Re: Marketing Meetings are Not Recorded on the Timecard of a Salaried Employee

    I am having trouble seeing anything illegal, or even unusual here. We don't, and perhaps you don't either, know what your employer is doing with this information. If this is strictly for internal...
  11. Initiation of Charges: Re: What Does It Mean to be Served by a Police Agency

    What did your lawyer tell him to say? At this point you have a lawyer. Your son should not be doing anything other than what his lawyer tells him to do.
  12. Medical Malpractice: Re: Hurt at Work and Now on 4th Doctor

    Medical Malpractice cases are extremely difficult to give opinions on based on a description like you provided. Someone would have to review your medical history in detail to know if malpractice...
  13. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Arrested and Future Consequences

    She needs a lawyer, and she needs the lawyer to ask about pretrial diversion. If she pleads guilty then she will have a criminal record which will likely be an issue in her career. $200 is a lot, the...
  14. Unregistered Vehicles: Re: Knowingly Displaying a Fictitious License Plate

    How long was it between when you printed the plates and when you were pulled over? Was it less than 3 days?
  15. Speeding Tickets: Re: Using Receipt Time Stamps as a Defense to a Speeding Ticket

    Just to be clear, in order you went from the gas station to the toll plaza in 19 minutes, then traveled approx. 100 miles before being pulled over, averaging 3mph over the speed limit? Your speed...
  16. Layoffs and Reductions in Force: Re: Involuntary Termination (Lay-Offs) and Mortgage Subsidy

    It does not have to be specifically about involuntary dismissal. Does it address anything about the subsidy being tied to employment?
  17. Pets and Animals: Re: How to Prove Somebody Lied About the Details of a Dog Bite Incident

    Was the dog on leash at the time the bite occurred? Did the dog escape from your fenced yard, and was she running loose at the time? If not then I don't understand the reasoning behind requiring a...
  18. Hiring: Re: Not Hired

    I don't see a question here. Unless you believe you are being discriminated against for a reason that is protected by law (Race, Religion, Age, Gender, Disability, Family Makeup, or Veteran Status)...
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    Auto Insurance: Re: Uninsured Parked Car Hit by a Firetruck

    Did you pay the Uninsured Motorist Fee at the DMV when you registered your vehicle? Did you have insurance at the time of registration, but since that time the insurance has lapsed? Or did you state...
  20. Purchase Contracts: Re: Negotiating a Price for a Share of Jointly Owned Real Estate

    It is not true that a court will release you from the Mortgage, at least not without going through Bankruptcy.
    You are not owed anything. Your portion of the property if you owned it free and clear...
  21. DNA Testing: Re: 7 Years Never Touch Her I Am the Father

    While llworking's advice is most likely applicable any where, it is important to note, this is forum deals only with US Law
  22. Public Intoxication: Re: Public Intoxication Charge for Sleeping in My Vehicle

    Long story short, yes the officer can just arrest you based on his judgement. A Judge will determine if his judgement was inline with the law. It does not appear this is a crime, just a violation. It...
  23. Contract Law: Re: Is the Person Who Signs a Contract on a Company's Behalf Bound by the Contract

    Do you still work for the company? Or more importantly would you still be working for the company if/when you perform competitive work?
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    Counterfeiting: Re: Help: Being Falsely Accused of Selling Fake Id's. Need Advice

    If you did not and have never made a fake ID, then I would not worry about that accusation. If they gave you $300 under the understanding that you would give them a fake ID and you took the money but...
  25. Non-Performance and Breach: Re: Should I Withhold Payment for a Poorly Done Contract Job

    Before we get into paying vs not paying, have you contacted the Company, stated that you received the bill for incomplete work, and asked them to come out and remedy the situation? Simply not paying...
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