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  1. Discrimination: Re: Company Rep Publily States Preference for Hiring Certain Race/ Gender

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
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    Re: Identified As Driver Suspended

    Wait a minute...

    ...did the officer see the OP operate the vehicle on a public road or did he just see the OP filling the car?
  3. Speeding Tickets: Re: A Technicality, Does the Vehicle Description Need to Be Exact Not Guilty by Mail

    Driving 70 mph when everyone else is driving 55 is unsafe. Switching from one road to the other and believing the speed limit goes with it is unsafe. A race car built to travel at 200 mph is unsafe...
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    Re: Passing a School Bus - Wa

    Go to court with a friend.....testify that you had lent the car to him and he was driving not you. When the judge asks him if that is true, have him plead the fifth.
  5. Re: What Are the Children Repsonsibele for when a Person Dies

    Not true - no one has a legal obligation to be forced into representing of an estate. All the children could walk away and refuse ownership. They may choose to voluntarily do so, and if they do,...
  6. Thread: Title Jumping

    by Guybrush

    Re: Title Jumping

    Possibly. The rules are not that clear for title jumping. Title jumping is supposed to be so that each "owner" of the car registers and pays the taxes. Since as you claim, you were never the...
  7. Denial & Appeals: Re: In California What is the Legal Definition of a 'Weapon' As It Relates to Employm

    I don't buy it. I don't buy that the OP was not contributing to the altercation. I don't believe that there wasn't a reason the boss asked him if he had a weapon. His story rambles on so much, I...
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    Determination of Fault: Re: Sudden Lane Change Caused a Car Crash

    Nothing wrong for pointing out poor decisions people make that may cause other people's their lives.
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    Regulations and Procedures: Re: Id is Real but Birthday is Wrong

    Man you are so fake - I don't believe your story for a second. Somehow or another, you have a forged ID and are trying to find out what information the barcode on the license has in it.
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    Determination of Fault: Re: Sudden Lane Change Caused a Car Crash

    I agree that it appears to her fault but I am curious...

    How many seconds would you have saved by passing those 3 cars? I guess 4 since the pickup was towing one right? Maybe 30 seconds? A...
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    Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Stop Sign - 22450(A)

    Which in my opinion is BS. Police will give speeders a "buffer" of generally 10 mph before they ticket, but no buffer for rocking back on a stop. Not to mentioned that tickets are getting rarer as...
  12. Trust Administration: Re: Should Documents with a Decedent's Ssn Be Shredded

    Your SSN becomes public information just a few months after your death. No need to hide it.
  13. Re: Paid Cash for Car - Can't Take Delivery Due to Incarceration

    Why won't you answer the question that has been asked a few times already? Why not let the dealer refund the money and take the car back like they are offering?

    Until you answer questions, why...
  14. Re: Paid Cash for Car - Can't Take Delivery Due to Incarceration


    Why worry about it. Take the money back and wait until the family member gets released and buy him/her the car then.

    As far as options - why doesn't trust own the car? For whatever...
  15. Getting Fired: Re: Settlement Negotiations

    Don't get me wrong - I'm not promoting your cause, just giving opinion. Most people who have filed multiple lawsuits while not working for two years are just trying to get someone else to pay for...
  16. Getting Fired: Re: Settlement Negotiations

    Well let me be the totally irresponsible one here....

    It is true that without knowing anything about your case, I can't say if it's worth $1 or $1 billion. That being said..I would guess....
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    Service and Repair: Re: Carwash Damaged My Car


    37 or 38 years ago - something along those lines, I was a car wash manager. Some of my memory cells still work so I will share some. We probably had a claim every week for damages. The...
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    Service and Repair: Re: Carwash Damaged My Car

    [QUOTE=olucy;1115741]Guybrush,--- the Owner refused my request. The on-site manager did inspect and then decided he it was glued and that he could fix. The owner wanted to inspect and I told him...
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    Service and Repair: Re: Carwash Damaged My Car

    Also, put yourself on in the owner's shoes - thousands of cars washed, one breaks - what's up with that? Maybe the age of the car does have something to do with it. Maybe screws rusted out? You...
  20. Court Proceedings: Re: How to Prove That a Parent Lied About Her Substance Abuse History

    Wellllll there are laws about perjury - and contempt. Also the percentage of lies in courts cases is about 101.3%. You have stated you finally received the report so you have the proof of her...
  21. Other Injuries: Re: Harrassment by Neighbor Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

    He has a medium grand at 5'10". It is not all that rare to have those or baby grands in apartments.
  22. Re: Can a Passenger Get Ticket for Unattended Vehicle

    I agree with the other posts - parking tickets are normally written to the vehicle. I have not seen one written to a person, but that doesn't mean the ticket wasn't written for another infraction.
  23. Hiring: Re: Regarding Equal Employment Exemptions in Sports, Theater, and Film

    There is no federal or state law that prevents employers from hiring or not on the basis of height or weight, and somewhat age. Protected age is only 40-70.
  24. Wills: Re: Who Must We Leave Something to in Our Wills

    Sure - you can leave your assets to anyone - even me!

    If you die without a will, it will most likely be divided up among your heirs. Your stepchild may not be an heir unless you legally adopted...
  25. Expenses and Reimbursement: Re: Can I Sue My Employer for Failing to Reimburse Me

    OP didn't say they were violating CA law, he said they violated corporate policy.
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