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  1. Claiming Benefits: Re: Pre-Existing Asthma Exacerbated by Formaldehyde Smell

    you will need medical evidence linking your current condition to your work environment in order to qualify for comp benefits.
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    Re: When is Workmans Comp, Job Abandonment

    if the employment is covered by FMLA, then there are some additional job protections that need to be observed. you should document your activities to contact the employee. you might include your...
  3. Claiming Benefits: Re: Not Given Proper Treatment for Work-Related Injuries

    from employee brochure:
    the company will Provide a one-time change of physician within five business days of receipt of your written request....
  4. Claiming Benefits: Re: IME Exams

    the practice of medicine is very subjective and not an exact science; there are no provable fixed outcomes when dealing with complex human biology. it does better when it uses the collaborative...
  5. Claiming Benefits: Re: IME Exams

    the comp carrier is unlikely to request an IME when the treating physician believes the patient's condition is not work related or when the claim has been denied for legal or employment reasons....
  6. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Emotionally Frazzled After My Deposition Today

    you can change attys at anytime and there will be a single fee shared among them.
  7. Claiming Benefits: Re: Use of an Employee Personnel File for a Worker's Comp Claim

    I agree with the other replys. this board is not a substitute for legal representation. you have been advised to retain any atty. you ignore expert advice from the many who volunteer here. badgering...
  8. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Workers Comp Case Pending in Court - Should I Change My Lawyer

    your new lawyer will take care of the paperwork transfering representation to them. how the atty fee will be split will be determined at the conclusion of the case. you can object to divison of fee.
  9. Re: Oregon State, Truck Mechanic Injured at Work, Advice/Preparing for Worst Case

    workers compensation is "no fault" coverage. training and fault by either party is not a factor. benefits are fixed and statutorily defined....
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    Benefits for Injured Workers: Re: Workplace Injury Due to a CO2 Leak

    you can also file a complaint with OSHA
    you can contact your union representative.
  11. Benefits for Injured Workers: Re: Can You Get Workers Comp After Having a Transient Ischemic Attack on the Job

    workers compensation coverage includes medical treatment as well as disability.
    more here
    as has been posted,the employee...
  12. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Reopening a Worker's Comp Case Over an Invalid IRE

    the courts have to decide if an interpretation of the law is to be applied retroactively. The pennsyvania courts have not done this as yet in this case. there may have been incremental changes in the...
  13. Claiming Benefits: Re: Compensation Claim with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board

    "The employee files a claim with the Board on Form Employee Claim (C-3) by mailing the form to the appropriate Board District Office. This must be done within two years of the accident, or within two...
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    Benefits for Injured Workers: Re: Injury from a Broken Ladder

    it depends on if the contractor was named as an additionally insured employer. if they were then as an employee you are only entitled to workers compensation benefits. it's dependent on your states...
  15. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Injury During an Non-Work Activity Required by an Employer

    wow; banned that quickly.
    you really didn't want to follow any direction/rules.
  16. Benefits for Injured Workers: Re: Lost Wages and Medical Benefits After a Work-Related Accident

    is the work comp claim not providing treatment?
    the benefits from a workers compensation claim include disability payments for the period he was disabled from work and medical treatment. if there...
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    Benefits for Injured Workers: Re: Back TTD Pay

    get the QME to give their opinion on your Past TD status.
    you can switch attys at any time; there will be single fee shared among them.
    you still have the right to file malpractice v your lawyer....
  18. Claiming Benefits: Re: What Can You Do if Workers Comp Isn't Responding to a Claim

    claim denials can be appealed to the state's work comp board/commission or court depending on the state. In addition many states have a help desk or an ombudsman that can help with the proper...
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    Claiming Benefits: Re: Injury Falling from a Ladder at Work

    you ignored the request to post the state??
    did the employer/carrier deny the claim?
    in many states workers compensation is a legal specialty and if your uncle has to appeal the claim denial, he...
  20. Benefits for Injured Workers: Re: Does Workers Comp Pay a Travel Reimbursement

    strange post. LKD may have a commercial connection to the named app.
  21. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Workers Comp Doctor is Not Interested in Treating Me, Ignoring My Symptoms

    you can request a change of physician from the carrier.
    you can also ask your doctor for a referral for a second opinion
    more information here...
  22. Benefits for Injured Workers: Re: Can a Contractor's Former Employee Sue its Client Over an On-the-Job Injury

    in most states there is often concurrent liability with a work injury. i would think you could get reliable legal information on the viability of his litigation from the attorney of the general...
  23. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Can You Go Back to Your Family Physician After Release by a Workers Comp Doctor

    "The Workers' Compensation Law provides that an injured worker has the right to select one physician or medical
    provider of his or her own choosing to render treatment. This chosen provider may make...
  24. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Can Your Employer Assign You to Work for a Non-Profit While on Light Duty

    your post did not mention anything about 40 hrs for no wages. most workers wouldn't take that job; why did you?

    so the non-profit is getting free labor on the carrier's $$? what a great deal. who...
  25. Workers Compensation Issues: Re: Working for Non-Profit While Injured

    it may be common with some employers.
    mileage rates changes yearly:
    after 7/1/17 mileage is paid at $.505/mi for misouri comp claims. you can use any online mapping program to give you the mileage...
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