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  1. Getting Fired: Re: Paternity Leave Problems (Threat of Termination)

    In order to qualify for paternity leave in CA, the employer must have at least 20 employees within 75 miles of the employee’s worksite; the employee must have worked more than 12 months for the...
  2. Thread: Help

    by LegalWriter

    Re: Help

    Okay, and.....?
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    Re: New York Custody and Child Support

    If they've never been to court, she has sole custody now. Absent a court order declaring him the father, he has inherent rights (assuming he actually is the father), but no legal rights. If she...
  4. Speeding Tickets: Re: Cowlitz Co. Wa Speeding Ticket: Showing Prejudice

    All the court's going to do is give you a continuance. You're not going to get a dismissal for late discovery.
  5. Speeding Tickets: Re: What is the Best Thing to Do After Being Cited 22349 B VC

    You will get a courtesy notice in the mail which will tell you if you are eligible for traffic school. You can request it using the form enclosed with payment of the bail amount. Make sure you...
  6. Sex Offenses: Re: Will Conffession Alone of Child Sexual Intercourse with an 8 Year Old

    Look up "corpus delicti." A confession alone, even if given to the cops, is insufficient absent some evidence that a crime was committed and that the defendant is connected to it.
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    Criminal Records: Re: Live Scan Help in California

    Not when you are applying for a government job. There are no secrets in that situation.
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Lawyer Sent Case Results to Wrong Email

    Your lawyer-you call. Now, call them on Monday and ask them what you should expect.
  9. Re: Floor Noises from Above in a Newly Constructed Condo

    Have you considered going up to his condo and talking to him?
  10. Entry of Judgments: Re: Can Judge Use Electronic Signature to Sign Court Order

    You don't understand what an electronic signature is. It's just "/S/ on the signature line and is used by parties who electronically file documents. The judge's signature was stamped and that is...
  11. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Caught Shoplifting at Target in Troy Michigan

    Courts don't decide to prosecute, the local DA's office does. If they file a report and have you on video, there's a good chance they will report to police and the DA will charge you. Interesting...
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    Re: Paternity Between Brothers

    A properly done DNA paternity test has two numbers, one is a percentage, the other is what's called a "paternity index." THAT is the number the court's look too. It would be wise for the brother who...
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    Re: Judges Sentencing

    The plea deal is what it is. If the court didn't agree with it then it would have accepted it in the first place.
  14. Re: Do California Speed Trap Laws Apply to a Senior Zone

    All he says is that a traffic survey isn't necessary for that type of zone and it isn't as long as it's along a local road and not a highway.
  15. Re: Do California Speed Trap Laws Apply to a Senior Zone

    A designated senior zone on a local road with the appropriate signage does not constitute a speed trap if that's your question.
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    Re: Attempted Assault

    The cop asks for his passport and DNA because a woman complained he was "misbehaving" with her. It isn't a huge leap to suspect that there's a sexual assault charge being investigated.
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    Re: Attempted Assault

    It happens a lot more than you think.
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    Re: Attempted Assault

    Did you perhaps have sex with some woman in the recent past? That's what it sounds like to me--that you had sex, didn't call her again or her boyfriend/husband found out and now she's claiming rape.
  19. Re: Is It Likely for Me to Be Arrested for Shoplifting at Walmart After Leaving Walma

    In TX, if you commit a crime after you turn 17, you are NOT treated as a juvenile offender. You are in adult criminal court.
  20. Re: How to Remove Deceased Person from Property Title

    First, you're going to need a copy of his death certificate. Unless your cousin was put on the title, a quit claim is just going to complicate things. It would behoove the two of you to consult...
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    Modification of Support: Re: How Can a Support Order Be Decreased

    File a request with the court.
  22. Re: Mother is Keeping Children Away While Waiting for Mediation Date

    If there are no court orders then mom isn't obligated to allow you any contact with the kids. Has the court determined you to be the father yet? In a non-marriage situation, that is the step before...
  23. Trespassing: Re: Delivering Food, I Was Attacked by a Dog. Who is in the Wrong

    What are you looking to gain? Yes, the company should have made sure the client knew food was coming but when you have a warning that tells there's a dog and it's not in the yard, you don't open the...
  24. Social Security Issues: Re: Can We Choose a Different Ss Office to Be Seen at

    It's easy to blame an employee but the fact is that the information you give is put into the computer system of a huge nationwide bureaucracy and it simply takes time for stuff to get changed in that...
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    Re: What Does This Mean

    The new code section was added in 2011 to allow persons convicted of non-violent, non-serious felonies to serve their prison sentences locally. The LI means "local incarceration" and the rest are...
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