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  1. Criminal Investigations: Re: Made Report to Police Re Bro Crimes Now I'm the Suspect

    Did you have a question?
    What did the detective have to say, if you talked to him?
  2. Theft and Larceny: Re: Valuables Left in Care with Relatives in Locked Box and Now Valuables Missing

    What you may have is a case of embezzlement or theft, not robbery or theft. You can report it to the police and see how they respond.
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    Chapter 13: Re: Registration Loans and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    It can be lowered, if you ask for it in your plan. The lender can object, and then it will be up to the judge.
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Easement. Law

    You may have to do a full title search in order to find the easement, as it may not be in her deed.
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    Pretrial Procedure: Re: Gmail Sent to Court Clerk

    Maybe, but I doubt it. Hearsay from an unnamed source is almost worthless.
  6. Business Ownership: Re: Use of Personal Property in Business (LLC and Partnership)

    to add to what Jack stated, if you co-mingle personal assets with business assets you run the risk that if you were sued they would be able to ignore the LLC protection and hold you personally...
  7. Re: Can a Off Duty Officer Make a Warrantless Search of a Home

    And the fact that the officer was off duty, would not be high up on the list of facts we would need to know.
  8. Liquor Laws: Re: Cave Springs Georgia Preparing Referendum on Liquor Sales

    The last think I would be looking for is a law firm that cannot read the agreement they signed when they signed up to participate in this site, namely no solicitation.
  9. Legal Malpractice: Re: How Long Are Lawyers Required to Hold Onto Case Records/Files

    No, but the older it is, if it is the only complaint against the attorney, the less likely it will be vigorously pursued.
  10. Parking Violations: Re: What if Out-Of-State Resident Doesn't Pay Parking Ticket on California Rental Car

    It has been my experience, that the rental company pays the ticket and then charges the credit card of the renter. The person on the contract is liable to the rental car company,period. It would be...
  11. Privacy: Re: Co-Workers Posting My Personal Information on an Internal Chat Feed, What Can I D

    You can say anything you like to them, just know that posting that information raises no legal, criminal or civil, claim against them.

    Defamation is defined as a false statement of fact,...
  12. Crimes Against Family: Re: Posing As a Minor's Parent for a School Meeting

    If you have already made up your mind to commit fraud, why did you bother asking if you could get into trouble?
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    Will Contests: Re: Contesting the Validity of My Fathers Will

    As a son, you would have standing to contest the will. Whether you have enough evidence to prevail, is hard to tell from the outline you gave. Consult with a local probate attorney who is...
  14. Service of Process: Re: What Happens if a Defendant Does Not Get Actual Notice from Substituted Service

    It doesn't make the improper service OK, by appearing generally and defending, no proof of service was required. Service is required to notify a party of the time and place of the hearing or in this...
  15. Student Loans: Re: College Discrimination

    Find a way to repay the loan. Any claim you may have had against the school, has long since expired, not saying you would have had a viable claim to begin with. People with beards was not protected...
  16. Loan Agreements: Re: Buyer Kept Car and Title - Never Pay As in Signed Agreement

    What you have is a run of the mill breach of contract case. Because you gave him the title, he cannot steal the car from himself.
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    Traffic Lane Violations: Re: Hov Violation

    You have to understand that reasonable suspicion is a very low standard, unlike beyond a reasonable doubt or even probable cause or preponderance of evidence. In my experience, you met the...
  18. Determination of Fault: Re: Fender Bender and Citations Oregon

    cam she, sure. Will she, who knows, but in my experience, highly unlikely for a fender bender.
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    Re: Can I Share My Pizza Delivery Guy

    Just to add my 2 cents worth. I supplemented my income in the 90s by delivering for a national chain Pizza company. I was paid $6.00 an hour and .60 per delivery to cover my car expense and got to...
  20. Post-Discharge Issues: Re: Car Title Loan - Who Owns Car After Bankruptcy

    1. Yes or the lender can go to the bankruptcy court and get an order allowing it to repossess it during the bankruptcy. If the debtor elected to reaffirm the debt, with bankruptcy court approval, he...
  21. Warranties: Re: Selling an Article Via Ebay Deletes the Guarantee

    Possibly. depends upon the terms of the warranty.
  22. Medical Malpractice: Re: Can You Sue a Doctor for Over-Prescribing Potentially Addictive Medications

    Go down to his office and ask for a copy of your medical records. Be prepared to pay a copying charge. Take the records to a medical malpractice attorney and see what he/she has to say.
  23. Debt Collectors: Re: Collections Calling Again

    as well as a violation of the fair debt collection practice act which would allow you to collect attorneys fees and court costs against them if you win.
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    Motions: Re: When to Cite Authorities Pertaining to the Merits of an Instant Matter

    Since there is no Los Angeles Supreme Court, I will assume you are referring to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Why is a copyright case filed is State Court anyway? Is it because they are claiming a...
  25. Sentencing: Re: Impeding Breathing Sentence

    If it is charged as a misdemeanor, up to 1 year in the county jail. If charged as a felony, maximum of 10 years minimum of 2 years.
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