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  1. Adoption of Children: Re: Unsure of What to Expect in Step Parent Adoption

    To answer your questions: In my divorce, we agreed to a minimal child support payment of $300. I was young and stupid, and the reality of life hadn't set in, and I thought that would be plenty so I...
  2. Adoption of Children: Unsure of What to Expect in Step Parent Adoption

    This is in Tennessee-

    My husband is adopting in my son from a previous marriage. We've hired an attorney and my ex husband has been served with papers three weeks ago. For several years, my ex...
  3. Traffic Accidents: Re: Making a Car Accident Claim While Incarcerated

    Usually, when the insurance company offers you money beyond your doctor bills, etc. it comes with a statement that you release them of any and all future claims from that incident. Most people don't...
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    Home Insurance: Re: Fire Claim to Be Paid, But Offer is Low

    Unless you had a total loss, they are not going to pay policy limits. If the shell of your dwelling can still be used, and they have to replace everything else, then they will do that. I'm thinking...
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    Computer Crime: Re: My Email Account Was Hacked (Out of State)

    Thank you for your help. I think it was a case of them not wanting to deal with it, they told me they really couldn't do anything since it wasn't a violent crime. I did finally get somewhere with...
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    Computer Crime: My Email Account Was Hacked

    I live in Tennessee. Ther person that hacked my account lives on an army base in another state. She is not in the army, but her husband (my ex husband) is.

    Several months ago, she hacked into...
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    Adoption of Children: Step Parent Adoption in Tennessee

    My question involves adoption law for the State of: Tennessee

    My ex husband and I divorced five years ago. I have been married to my new husband for over three years. I have a son from the...
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