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  1. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Can You Request a Motion to Dismiss at a Change of Plea Hearing

    You have such an oddly skewed version of reality. Why is that? Because as Mark47n pointed out, you post a LOT. And my guess is that although "despise" may be a strong word, that there are many...
  2. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Can You Request a Motion to Dismiss at a Change of Plea Hearing

    What US state? And why do you think your case is worthy of dismissal?
  3. Thread: Sanctions

    by Shadowbunny

    Re: Sanctions

    Are you suing someone in small claims court? Another court? What is the basis for your requesting sanctions?
  4. Speeding Tickets: Re: Wrong Speed Limit on Ticket and Inacurate Notes

    In order to pass the "other driver" at your rate of speed, the OD would have been speeding as well. So your story to the judge will be that the officer chose to ignore the swerving, speeding driver,...
  5. Auto Insurance: Re: Rental Vehicle Flooded in Storm and Used Visa Card for Cwd Instead of Rental Comp

    Your chances of prevailing in a suit against the city or Visa is practically zero.

    Common sense says not to cross a flooded road, ESPECIALLY if you couldn't determine how deep the water was. ...
  6. Re: Salesman Lied and then Continued to Lie

    Again, why didn't Ray ensure he could get in/out of the car BEFORE signing a contract?
  7. Re: Salesman Lied and then Continued to Lie

    Why didn't Ray ensure he could get in/out of the car BEFORE signing a contract?
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    Sales Agreements: Re: Seniors Taking for Ride at Dealership

    1) Ask the finance rep at the dealership. If you still don't understand, don't sign the contract.
    2) Google it. If you still don't understand, don't sign the contract.
    3) Phone a friend. If you...
  9. Re: Search and Siezure of Home Due to Unauthorized Mail Delivery

    So Glenns, has LE actually raided your house or are you just projecting?
  10. Defamation: Re: A Person is Destroying My Reputation, Simply on Revenge

    You are suffering from a self-inflicted wound. You made a drunken rant on Facebook, and now are facing the consequences. Stop drinking and find another course.
  11. Re: Can I Sue a Large Corporate Restaurant

    Georgia doesn't require that employers give employees breaks:

    When you say "When working a job they often make you do something else and you do not get...
  12. Criminal Investigations: Re: How Can I Get Justice for My Son He Was Murdered and No Charges Where Filed

    Sarah, I'm so sorry for your loss - I can't begin to imagine what you're going through. But please know that murder investigations take time -- even when there is a confession. May I suggest finding...
  13. Repossession: Re: Private Seller, Private Buyer, Buyer in Default, Buyer in Jail, Car Stolen

    The police are unable to help you, as the car wasn't stolen (at least not from you.). This is strictly a civil matter, and you will HAVE to sue if you want even a chance of resolving this.

  14. Probation and Parole: Re: I Canít Live with the People I Live with Anymore

    Perhaps if you actually helped around the house he wouldn't yell at you.
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    Emancipation: Re: Moving Out at 16

    You make 500-700 dollars a day? A week? A month? Is it enough to independently (ie, without your SO) survive? And who told you that your SO could add you to his/her insurance?
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Forgetting Pants

    What sort of troll forgets to pull up his pants?
  17. Discrimination: Re: Advice - Disability - Orientation - Mocking

    What US State are you in?
  18. Re: Lease with Boyfriend but His Divorce Has a Morality Clause

    Are you kidding me? The kids need an $800,00 home? That is such a load of bull. He is playing you like a fiddle. Move in now, let his ex-wife KNOW you've moved in, and let him deal with the...
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    Re: Can I Sue the Police

    Why is your health insurance refusing to pay? Are they asking you to fill out a 3rd Party Liability form? If so, have you done it?
  20. Education Law Issues: Re: Can I Get in Trouble if I Have a Service Make My Son a Letter of Recommendation

    So are you willing to let your kid get booted from the mil-school when they find out the recommendation letter was forged?
  21. Traffic Accidents: Re: Pain and Suffering Allowance After a Moderate Traffic Incident ó P I Firm or Not

    Are you saying that you're self-employed? Unemployed? What are your damages from not being able to take care of these "important responsibilities"?
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Awake During Surgery

    You would be better served by getting your husband into therapy to deal with his fears.
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    Establishment: Re: Request of No Contact- Extent

    It is not slander nor defamation for your "network" to call out your "Friend's" behavior for what it is.

    Save yourself the trouble and stop trying to talk with your presumably ex-boyfriend, or...
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    Slander: Re: Protection Order "Rules"

    DenimKaty reported as spammer.
  25. Re: Defamation in a Medical Malpractice Claim

    Your question, as written, sounded very much like someone's homework assignment, rather than a personal situation. So cbg wasn't being flippant or singling you out. She believed (as did I) that you...
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