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  1. Re: Emergency Petition or

    Well, I've already filed the petition and already gotten the answer. Never mind and take care, all. Thanks!
  2. Re: Emergency Petition or

    I have NO idea what kind of threats. That is all I know, which is what makes me nervous. He has stated numerous times that people were after him because he has knowledge of some sort of murders and...
  3. Should I File an Emergency Petition to Suspend Visitation

    State: NY

    I am honestly stuck and would feel better at least hearing from someone, since I am not sure when I will hear from my lawyer. I need something to sort this out:

    My child's father has...
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    Re: Stopping Harassment By My Ex

    The journal is not court-ordered, but an idea I used from the mother of his other child because all spoken communication has consisted of in the past is him saying he's going to take custody away...
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    Stopping Harassment By My Ex

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: NY

    My ex is extremely manipulative and verbally abusive. For communication concerning the child, I send a notebook with her. He has been...
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