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    Re: Making an Offer to Settle Judgement

    Legally, sure. However, as a practical matter, no sane HVAC company would agree to it.

    I have no idea what "ask through the court" might mean, but you can communicate with the judgment...
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    Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Life Insurance Obtained Before Marriage

    I think what you're saying is that, before marriage, Bob obtained a life insurance policy and designated his girlfriend Susan as beneficiary. Bob and Susan then married and then divorced. At no...
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    Re: Levy Against Former Employee

    Over the top. LOL!

    I don't know you. I don't know where you live or have lived. I don't know your background or professional qualifications. The same is true of every other regular on these...
  4. Judgment Issues: Re: Default Cut Off Defendant's Right to File Motions to Dismiss a Case

    Entry of default pursuant to Rule 55 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure cuts off a defendant's right to file a responsive pleading. However, simply being late with a responsive pleading is of...
  5. Trials and Verdicts: Re: When a Case Has Genuine Dispute, It Has to Be Trialed or Judge Can Make Decision

    Despite your use of a question mark, this sentence is not phrased as a question. You seem to be parroting or paraphrasing Rule 56(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: "The court shall grant...
  6. Entry of Judgments: Re: Can Judge Use Electronic Signature to Sign Court Order

    Despite your use of a question mark, this sentence is not a question. If you intended it to be a question, the answer is that no law requires federal judges to sign orders with pens or prohibits the...
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    Re: Levy Against Former Employee

    I don't really disagree with anything you've been told so far. However...

    Are you the owner of the company? If so, I suggest you consult with a local attorney rather than rely on what an...
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    Hiring a Lawyer: Re: 16 Year Old 4th Violated and Damage Done

    No. Especially on school grounds, this would virtually never happen in the presence of the students, much less the students' parents. Are you suggesting that, before the police walk their drug dog...
  9. Business Issues: Re: Can You Use Your Home Address as a LLC Mailing Address

    Folks bickering over this three month old thread that a spammer resurrected.

  10. Collection and Enforcement: Re: Child Support Agency Placed a 100 Year Suspensoin on My License

    Why would you think the police would care about this sort of agreement?

    You cited a law that makes it legal (assuming the sort of order mentioned in the law exists), so I'm not sure I really...
  11. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Guardian Ad Litem Appointed for No Reason

    First of all, nothing in the history of the world has ever happened "for no reason." There's always some reason, even if you don't know what it is or think it's a good reason.

    As for your...
  12. Re: Agreements Made Verbally or by Text Messages

    You can sue for up to $10k in small claims court in Texas, which is where you'd need to sue since that's where she lives.

    Of course it's possible to sue. However, the result of suing will...
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    Slander: Re: Protection Order "Rules"

    Read this.
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    Re: Caught Shoplifting in Target in New York

    It continues to baffle me that so many shoplifters feel the need not only to confess to their crimes on public internet forums but also to identify the victims of their crimes.

    My mall? ...
  15. Re: What Happens if Mom Doesnt Show to Hearing

    Any number of things might happen, but a lot depends on the nature of the complaint. Is this a civil action? Family law? Criminal? Your reference to a mediation suggests it's not a criminal...
  16. Re: What Happens if Mom Doesnt Show to Hearing

    Duplicate thread.
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    Re: Foriegn Ownership of Interstate 10

    You didn't ask a question, so I'm unsure what the purpose of your post is.

    Departments? Plural?
  18. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Landlord Has Done Nothing About a Roach Infestation, Moving End of Month

    Not really sure what you're contemplating, but if you think someone owes you money and he/she/it won't pay, your recourse is to sue.
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: Expungement New Jersey

    Not really sure what the point of your post is.

    Ok, so contact them.
  20. Co-Ownership: Re: I Co-Own a Property in Sf with My Son, Now I Want to Have My Name Removed

    Is your name on the purchase money loan and the deed of trust used to secure that loan (i.e., the "mortgage")? If so, then deeding your interest to your son might not be a smart idea.

  21. Background Checks: Re: Hired Before Background Check Complete then Fired

    Bummer. Did you think your pending misdemeanor was a good reason to resurrect this month-old thread that has nothing to do with you? If you have a question, start your own thread.
  22. Other Professional Malpractice: Re: Dental X-Rays on an Epileptic Four-Year-Old Without Parental Consent

    Google it. "nailiyatsi" is pretty obviously some sort of hacker or screen name used by a bot or something blah-blah computer jargon.
  23. Other Professional Malpractice: Re: Dental X-Rays on an Epileptic Four-Year-Old Without Parental Consent

    You're responding to someone who essentially block copied and pasted the original post -- which is now five months old -- and added some unintelligible gobbledygook.
  24. Defenses to Eviction: Re: Daughter 24yrs Old Has Moved Out of the Apartment I Leased to Her -Month to Month apartment within an apartment?

    I'm confident that you can do any number of things.

    What has she told you about her intent (or lack thereof) to retrieve her belongings?

    Are you...
  25. Transferring Title: Re: Have Title, but Car Never Registered. How to Sell or Transfer Car

    Best place to get this question answered would be the Division of Motor Vehicles.
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