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  1. Chapter 7: What Happens if You Convert to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy from Chapter 7

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: ga

    right now I am in the middle of a chapter 7, went to my first 341, it was continued for a later date due to she wanted more paperwork, that she...
  2. Chapter 7: Re: Can I Get in Trouble

    yes, we have appointment with the attorney on Thursday. he should be able to amend the paperwork. so I am thinking it will pop me over to a 13. will that be with a new trustee? I really don't care...
  3. Chapter 7: Can You Get in Trouble for Mistakes on Your Bankruptcy Court Documents

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: GA.

    I am married filing Chapter 7 by myself. The main concern i have is that I was mistaken on the dates my non-filing spouse worked/not worked....
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