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  1. Social Security Issues: Re: Grounds for Appeal of SSI While I Worked Part Time

    You can also request a lower rate of recovery. At $50 a month, it would take about 26 months, all of 2020 and 2021 and into 2022.

    Are you reporting your current wages or are you getting overpaid...
  2. Re: Social Security Refuses to Issue Social Security Number/Card!openview&restricttocategory=01102

    I didn't look for your issue, but at least you have policy and procedure to read
  3. Thread: Do I Have a Case

    by Janke

    Social Security Issues: Re: Do I Have a Case

    Well, the main reason your COLA amount may equal your increased Part B premiums IS because your Social Security benefit is so low. If you had a higher SS benefit, then your COLA dollar amount would...
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    Social Security Issues: Re: Mortgage Help While on SSI

    I'm someone certain that paying off the mortgage would result in the reduction for a year.

    Nope. Yes that may be a logical conclusion, but like spending down a large chunk of money does not get...
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    Social Security Issues: Re: Working After Filing at 62

    In the first year of eligibility for retirement benefits filed under full retirement age, the earnings test is monthly, not annually. The subsequent years the earnings test is annual. Very few people...
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    Social Security Issues: Re: Mortgage Help While on SSI

    The 1/3 reduction, also called in-kind support and maintenance or ISM, would apply in any month that a third party paid a part of your food or shelter bill. So a gift of payoff of your mortgage would...
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    Survivors Benefits: Re: Back Pay when SSA is at Fault

    If you did not file a claim 9 years ago, then your application date is not protected. Verbal denials are not appealable, even if you got wrong information, which would be next to impossible to prove....
  8. Social Security Issues: Re: What if Someone on Disability Invents a Product and Wants to Pursue Licensing It

    You don't explain how he will make money with this licensing deal. Would a company be paying him royalties for using his idea? And the royalties would be dependent upon how much the company sold? Or...
  9. Social Security Issues: Re: Can We Choose a Different Ss Office to Be Seen at

    You can walk in to any office in the country, but there is no guarantee that the new office will be more efficient than the old office. And if they may try to encourage you into going back to the...
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    Social Security Issues: Re: Being Denied 100% Benefits

    Applying the WEP (Windfall Elimination Provision) bothers everyone who it is applied to, but it is the law and it would take an act of Congress to change. It would also result in rapid insolvency in...
  11. Survivors Benefits: Re: Is It Possible to Reverse Deceased Father's Benefits to Disabled Son

    Short answer is no. SSI has a requirement that he file for all other benefits to which he might be eligible and can stop SSI for not filing for other benefits. SSI is the last resort. Good luck with...
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    Disability Benefits: Re: SSDI Can You Work Part Time

    Obviously it is helpful for the two of you to work together, but SSA has to separate you when evaluating the work activity. Did you both get a paycheck for this job? Was it the same amount? What...
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    Disability Benefits: Re: SSI Date of Disability

    Not sure if SSA expanded the website to allow online SSI claims. And if so, it would be bare bones.

    On the issue of the life insurance proceeds; who is the legal beneficiary? All the children? Who...
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    Disability Benefits: Re: SSI Date of Disability

    I think you should reapply for SSDI as well as file for SSI. And actually, SSA is supposed to make a new formal decision about SSDI for all new SSI recipients. Onset date is his last day of work in...
  15. Disability Benefits: Re: Can SSD Be Terminated for Positive Drug Screen

    1. SSA will never be notified
    2. Even if they were notified, benefits are not terminated for drug or alcohol abuse.
  16. Social Security Issues: Re: Denied Request for Reconsideration After Receiving SSI for a Few Years

    Well, the decision that you are not disabled is not a pretense, it is an official cessation of benefits. You may disagree with it, but it is not a pretense.

    You went through a CDR, Continuing...
  17. Disability Benefits: Re: Beneficiary Committing Illegal Bank Transfers from Rep Payee Account to His

    I read your other posts. If your allegations are correct, then this is theft or elder abuse, not Social Security fraud. Although a 90 year old is generally not a good choice as payee, generally...
  18. Social Security Issues: Re: Denied Request for Reconsideration After Receiving SSI for a Few Years

    Your title said you were receiving SSI for a few years but now you are waiting for an ALJ. So does that mean you were getting SSI and it stopped because you were no longer disabled? If not, why did...
  19. Disability Benefits: Re: Rental Agreement for SSI when Recipient Doesn't Have Mental Capacity to Contract

    What purpose would this rental agreement serve? SSI would not require it.

    A Rep Payee is not a legal guardian in the eyes of SSA. Being appointed rep payee means you get to make decisions about...
  20. Disability Benefits: Re: Representative Payee spending child benefits

    I think you are doing a great job. I believe SSA has reduced or eliminated rep payee accountings for many payees who are natural parents with custody of the children. So you may not get a request for...
  21. Disability Benefits: Re: Can I Refuse to Give Bank Statements to SSI After Being on SSI for a Few Years

    If you are receiving SSI, you already gave them authorization to request your bank records electronically. It is a financial permission question. If answered no, you are automatically denied. When...
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    Social Security Issues: Re: My Husband

    Well, that cancels out the gross underpayment. A couple can have $3000 in countable resources and anything over that is deemed to the child and compared to the resource limit of $2000. So any month...
  23. Disability Benefits: Re: Living Arrangement - Rental Agreement

    Room rental is a valid option. Check out the link below for policy and proof required. The link is the exact rules that SSI is supposed to follow.
  24. Federal Taxes: Re: Error in Income Reported to IRS by Unknown Source

    I replied to your other post, but you ask a different question here.

    SSA has proof that in 2016 you received or constructively received $250,000. Burden of proving otherwise is up to you, not SSA....
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    Disability Benefits: Re: Social Security and IRS

    1. Call the local office and ask to speak with the supervisor of the person who took your claim. Some cases automated easily, others become systems limitations and have to be finalized in the...
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