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  1. Re: Seller Didn't Disclose Important Issues with Hvac Prior to Closing

    Did the seller fill out a TREC OP-H?

    If so was anything listed on the bottom of page 1?
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    Re: Car Failure Misdiagnosed

    Butter. Everything is better with butter.
  3. Re: Item is Shipped W/O Insurance, and is Damaged During Shipping - Who's Responsible

    It may also come down to method of payment as to whether the buyer can get his money back. If something that didn't have buyer protection, like PayPal Friends and Family, Venmo (which is PP F&F...
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    Homeowners Associations: Re: HOA at War with Me

    Since there's a holiday practically every month, change the rat decoration for something appropriate.
    Valentine's Day (Cupid)
    St Patrick's Day (Leprechaun)
    Easter (Bunny)

    Just keep it...
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    Divorce: Re: House Repossession During Divorce

    Or start packing the stuff I want to keep in a smaller place I can afford, and sell my "nice to have" versus "must have" stuff. I wouldn't want to rely on a nasty ex to keep a roof over my head...
  6. Re: Letter from New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development -Employer Ac

    I think you have it right. My LLC got a similar letter but from WV not NJ. We just supplied the info requested along with a copy of our invoices to the other company and that was the end of it.
  7. Resignation: Re: Sign on Bonus - Sears Bankruptcy - New Company Acquires - Resignation - Return Bo

    So where could the OP find this information?
  8. Spousal Support and Alimony: Re: A Question of Case Law, There Must Be Some Somewhere

    Is your ex's documented income twice yours? And did you run the numbers through the KY child support calculator before you filed?
  9. Relocation: Re: Can My Ex Stop Me from Moving Away with Our Child, to Work with a New Employer

    Was this "notice" the court-required notice to relocate with your child?

    Do a Google search on "California Family Code Section 3024" and start reading, then take what llworking has posted to...
  10. Thread: Family Business

    by bcr229

    Embezzlement: Re: Family Business

    Court-ordered restitution can't be discharged in bankruptcy so I know which one I'd pick.
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Can He Press Charges

    Your ex can make a police report and the prosecutor will decide whether or not to press charges. Based on the post above I would bet not.

    If you are really worried about it, make several backups...
  12. Re: Transfer of Property Without or Before Probate

    How was the rest of "the estate" dealt with if probate wasn't opened? Or was the house the only asset?
  13. Deprivation of Civil Rights: Re: Can a Customer Sue a Business for Employees Calling Them Racial Slurs

    Suing someone for calling you a racial slur is a waste of time and your money.

    Post a bad review on Yelp and move on.
  14. Federal Taxes: Re: 401k from My Mother After She Passed (Inherited 401k )

    It will depend on how much is in the inherited account and your tax bracket.
  15. Federal Taxes: Re: 401k from My Mother After She Passed (Inherited 401k )

    Not necessarily. If you're not contributing the max you can now to plans like a Health Savings Account or employer 401k, you could offset what you're forced to withdraw from the inherited IRA by...
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    Re: Co Signer Want Out

    Per your other thread this problem has been going on for a few months, it looks like it's getting worse, and you can't afford to pay rent on your daughter's place plus your own expenses....
  17. Regulations and Procedures: Re: How Long Does It Take Nics to Update Information

    That's not how NICS works. NICS takes your full name, DOB, POB, SSN (if you give it), sex, race, ethnicity, citizenship, and driving license number to attempt to match you against a compiled list of...
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    Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    Interesting. So if a police report was filed then I'd wonder what else the employer can do to have the OP's wife arrested. Seems to me it would be up to the prosecutor now, whether or not she was...
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    Embezzlement: Re: Possible Embezzlement Charge Coming for

    Since the wife's employer was reimbursed by the insurance company then he may not have reported the crime to the authorities so he could double dip.

    Husband needs to stop communicating with the...
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    Re: Do Not Know Fathers Name

    It's a long shot but after the baby is born your friend can submit its DNA to one of those services that tries to find long lost relatives. She might get a hit on a sibling or cousin, which would...
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    Re: Hidden Camera in My Room

    You can buy these online. Usually they're to help provide security in offices, small stores, etc. Have you tried doing a Google search on the make/model or UPC code to see if you can find it for...
  22. Thread: Deed Language

    by bcr229

    Deeds - Quitclaim: Re: Deed Language

    Weeping willows are beautiful but they drop leaves each winter so they're not often used for privacy or windbreaks, hence my recommendation for an evergreen tree species.

    Good luck dealing with...
  23. Thread: Deed Language

    by bcr229

    Deeds - Quitclaim: Re: Deed Language

    I'm a bit nicer than AJ so my response would be more along the lines of:

    Dear Jerk,

    We have planted a row of <insert fast-growing tall evergreen tree species of choice here> ten feet inside of...
  24. State Taxes: Re: Sales Tax when Purchasing Online from Another State

    Not any more. Do a Google search on last year's "Wayfair" decision from the Supreme Court. Merchants need to collect sales tax and remit it to the purchasers state if their gross sales to that...
  25. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Father Requesting Joint Custody to Avoid Paying Child Support

    What exactly did your ex file for? In the OP there is a lot of info from you about CS issues and his allegations against you, but you never said exactly what he was requesting in his motion. Does...
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