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  1. Expenses: Re: Mom Not Working and Just Collecting Child Support

    Ranting will get you nothing in court and it isn't even the OPs case. She isn't being sensible about it. He should have a support obligation.
    However while I agree shouldn't be a surprise he has to...
  2. Calculation of Support: Re: How is Support Calculated with a Low SSDI Benefit Amount

    Since she can't work & this will be her max income it will likely be used to calculate support making it less than the roughly $300/60% a month she would be paying if the order stayed the same.
  3. Expenses: Re: Can the Noncustodial Parent Provide Child Care to Avoid Paying for Professional C

    I understand that all things being equal sometimes without an attorney you won't win custody but what the court decides is what they

    It is your responsibility to pay child support....
  4. Calculation of Support: Re: Paying Full Time Childcare when Custodial Parent Works Part-Time

    You could do any of the above depending on what your ex agrees to. Have you spoken with her?
    If you come to agreement it'd be your best bet. As the court may or may not see it your way.
    In some...
  5. Termination of Support: Re: Child Support for a Child That Raped His Sister

    New here, first post....

    I agree with the post above. He is still your son & in your situation I could understand you wanted to protect your daughter by not allowing him into the home
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