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  1. Re: Does the High Court of Australia has too much power?

    yes, the High Court's power of intepretation is limitless.They can interprete statutes at any way they want, either by giving it a narrow or broad meaning. Because Judicial Independance is only a...
  2. Re: Should the constitutional conventions be codified into the Australian Constitution?

    Conventions should be codified to prevent ambiguity and to give a clear outline of how the constitutional system works, in the same time it will also ensure the Governor General will or rather must...
  3. Re: Is judicial independence being practiced in Australia?

    Well another reason it is not practised fully is because Judicial Independance is a Convention, adopted from the British Westminster System. Since its unwritten, judges sometimes may step over the...
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    Re: Human rights in Australia

    Yes, one fine example will be Mabo's case no.1 where the High court protects the rights of the indegenous people by declaring the Queensland Coast Island Declatory Act(1985) invalid as it contravenes...
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    Re: should judges make law?

    Yes they should, in fact Case-laws made kept the constitution alive. Its more flexible too
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    Re: Explanation of the SAM Programme

    not kids dude, by the way no. We're not referred to this forum by our lecturer. Cheers:D
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    Re: Do aborigines enjoy a better status today?

    Well they should in fact, the government has done quite a lot since signing international treaties such as Convention on the Elimination on all Forms of Racial Discrimination (1969). They even have...
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