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  1. Assault & Battery: Re: To Carl

    Correction... I also am in Los Angeles - and have worked at Edelmans (Children's Court).

    It is NOT against the law to spank your child with an open hand on the behind, so long as this does not...
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    Failure to Yield: Re: Failure to stop at the STOP sign LINE

    But if you stop properly (as the DMV says is properly), then you stop at the FIRST line (which is the limit line), then proceed when safe... or after you've made a complete stop to that second line....
  3. Re: Seventeen-Year-Old Girl Sent to Boot Camp

    Actually, you know only probably what each party WANTS you to know... especially if they are a very "old fashioned" family (as you stated). Typically, old fashioned families don't spew their business...
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    Re: Auditing Child Support

    I guarantee you that when I get this purge in a few weeks, I'm going to do a ton of shopping, of which most of it will be things for ME.

    I agree with both of the responders, you are paying the CP...
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    Re: Denied Contact While in Prison

    First of all, you are responsible for your lack of contact, you put yourself in prison.. aside from that:

    Is it at all possible that the children's mother cannot afford the phone calls? Accepting...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Avoiding a Subpoena

    Aaron answered you when he said:

    Which means that after they prove diligent search, you don't HAVE to be served personally. They'll post something in a newspaper for a set amount of time, the...
  7. Re: Help with discovery for an Attorney who Under reports Income/salary

    Why don't you prepare a motion to produce and ask for the last couple of years of paystubs and tax returns?
  8. Re: custody

    Sweetie, it's a real bad idea to discuss these issues with children. You should let your parents deal with this.
  9. Emancipation: Re: Help With Emancipation or Marriage in Tennessee.

    Not to mention that if her fiancee's parents adopt her, then she becomes fiancee's sister...and can't get married.

    See how children don't think things out?????
  10. Re: Does A Mother Have To Inform The Father of Paternity, in Florida

    And you know what? I'm speaking from experience also. I have a 12 year old that hasn't seen nor heard from his father in 10 years (and that last contact was for 10 minutes max), HOWEVER, knowing that...
  11. Re: Does A Mother Have To Inform The Father of Paternity, in Florida

    I'm sorry, this just bothers me. You got the legal answer... but this is just.. I don't know.

    Rationalizing wrong is just azz backwards to me. Your future grandchild is not (presumably) going...
  12. Traffic Accidents: Re: California Car Accident with No Insurance and a Mentally Unstable Driver

    Well, with any luck the driver of the other vehicle will report to the DMV that your son was driving with no insurance and they will then suspend his license. Then, if you were the owner of the car...
  13. Minors: Re: Marriage Of A Minor Based On Consent Of A Parent In Prison

    My guess is that dad probably wants to be Amanda's "friend" and mom wants Amanda to stay in a child's place. Married at 16, divorced at 17 (with a kid no less) and if she were my where to...
  14. Speeding Tickets: Re: California Speeding and Window Tint Ticket

    Actually Carl, the DMV has now barred traffic school for anyone going 26+ over the speed limit. They can't take the certificate and can't process it to DMV.
  15. Minors: Re: Marriage Of A Minor Based On Consent Of A Parent In Prison

    The fact that you continue to ask the same question over and over when Aaron has answered it AND provided the relevant statute suggests to me that you are ill prepared for marriage. If your father...
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    Re: Incorrigible Teen In Virginia

    Within the first 5 sentences.... I said the same thing Bay. BOOTCAMP!!!!
  17. Theft and Larceny: Re: 7 years @ 80% for shoplifting! What can I do?

    Stop stealing. Personally, I think they got it right on. You obviously have a problem keeping your hands off of things that don't belong to you.
  18. Emancipation: Re: Almost 18 but can't stay with mother - CA

    And maybe I'm right...ask my son, he'll tell you I had it right on. But you can counsel me on parenting when you become one and raise them to adulthood in tact, responsible and able to live on their...
  19. Ticket Errors: Re: Officer not asking for insurance in CA?

    No an officer doesn't HAVE to ask you for your proof of insurance, especially since last year, he is able to see that your vehicle is insured when running your plates (all insurance companies in CA...
  20. Emancipation: Re: Almost 18 but can't stay with mother - CA

    You wait out 7 months and pack your bags. At midnight, leave and do whatever it is you please with your life, just be aware that most of us thought we knew all we needed to know about life until we...
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    Debt Collectors: Re: help i need my car

    Were you late in your payments? What was their reason for repo'ing your car?
  22. Repossession: Re: Choosing Voluntary Turn-In or Repossession

    First, you really shouldn't hijack someone else's thread. There's a better possibility that someone would answer your question if it wasn't attached to a year old thread...however

    Yes, they can...
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    Re: Child Support and Spousal Support

    Go back and file an order to show cause to modify custody. Depending on how far away your mediation appointment is, you may be able to tackle both situations in one appointment. Let the judge decide...
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    Debt Collectors: Re: Daily Contacts Over A Late Payday Loan

    The easiest way to get them to stop calling is for you to pay back the money you owe them. Then I guarantee you, they will stop calling. Until then, they will call you because you owe them and you...
  25. Eviction Notices: Re: 30 Day notice of Eviction After 8 years of rent.

    and South Gate is not subject to rent control, so there shouldn't be any relocation money.
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