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  1. Condo & Co-Op Community Rules: Re: What to Do Too Many Cars and Not Enough Parking Spots. HOA is Now Towing Cars

    If you are saying a "majority" of owners have no space to park additional cars, then someone would have to start a petition drive to have something done about it. Usually most CC&R's has provisions...
  2. Deeds - Quitclaim: Re: Making a Gift of a House by Quitclaim Deed

    We've done real estate gifting within our family. We did not do it on a quitclaim basis as it'll rasie all kinds of tax and inheritance issues later.

    First, this involves gifting, and generally,...
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    Starting a Business: Re: How Should a Retiree Start a Business

    About using an LLC, S Corp or not, there's a few other considerations.

    I own rentals, and still have an S Corp for my IT consulting business. For an SMLLC, if the owner does the work, or manages...
  4. Other Injuries: Re: Demand Letter from Attorney - Alleged Incident Not Described

    Is this an automobile accident.

    If it is, then forward this to your insurance company, and let them get their legal department on it, and it'll save you the trouble of finding a lawyers, and...
  5. Collection Lawsuits: Re: What Happens if You Move Internationallly After Defaulting on Your Credit Cards

    You'll need to refer to the "cardholder agreement" which they update and send to you copies from time to time. I recently got another one where they updated their options on contacting debtors...
  6. Rent and Utilities: Re: Landlord Never Registered Rent Controlled Apartment with DHCR

    I am a NYC real estate investor, and I have through the yeas looked at investment properties that has "rent controlled" units in then, rather than the more current "rent stabilized" ones. In a few...
  7. Business Disputes: Re: How to Get More Compensation From the Board

    I handle finances for a city funded non-profit. What you mentioned is not an unusual situation.

    The primary responsibility of our board is to make sure the "best interest" of the organization is...
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    Business Issues: Re: Can Someone Sue My Dissolved LLC

    Did you FORMALLY dissolve the LLC. Here's an article on the steps:

    Note "step 3" about notifying creditors. When I was...
  9. Parking Tickets: Re: Parking Ticket on Private Property New York State

    I work at a senior center in NYC, provide social services, and one is help seniors with parking tickets.

    There is a Wendy's parking lot across the street, a private lot for customers to stop in...
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    Nuisance: Re: Neighboring Property is Used as a Dump

    I had a hospital bill once that my health insurer did not pay, and as it turned out, the insurer was broke. This went on for over six months till the hospital got tired of waiting, and turned the...
  11. Traffic Accidents: Re: Motorcycle Accident, California

    According to the OP, he said "driving mom's car", so I infer mom is the registered owner, and the registered owner is legally responsible, and the one being sued, normally. If mom had insurance, lent...
  12. Purchase Contracts: Re: Sellers Can't Afford to Close and Want to Back Out of a Home Sale

    It probably won't help you now, but there is something called a short sale. Usually the seller initates it, but there are people out there in the shrot sales business that arranges short sales, and...
  13. Condo & Co-Op Repair and Maintenance: Re: HOA Utility Violation

    According to what you said, per the CC&R "They just used the water and power for my house to do so ..". And because you no longer provide "water and power" from your house, you can't, for reasons you...
  14. Business Finance: Re: Real Estate in an LLC on Which I Am the Guarantor - Can My Collectors Come After

    Read about charge order protection for NV LLC's:

    Note that when it's all said and done, in the last...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Refused Right of Way

    If there is an easement written into the original deed of the prior owner, then a QC deed would not invalidate it. See the definition of a QC deed:
  16. Traffic Accidents: Re: Hit a Pedestrian with My Car, No Injury, No Info Exchanged, No Police Report

    Not so at all, and I'm talking about a 30 day requirement to file an accident report with the insurance.

    Here in NYS, the fact the car sustained no damage is totally irrelevant. Under NO FAULT,...
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    Condo & Co-Op Boards and Associations: Re: Fishy HOA Payments

    Are you on the HOA board??

    Unless you are, and the CC&R's say otherwise, it's something the HOA board would have to take up, and it's up to them to take action if there are improprieties involved....
  18. Land Use and Zoning: Re: Being Required to Hook Up to City Water, Sewer Post-Annexation

    Don't you have a city councilman, selectman, etc. representing your area?? While it's OK to be in contact with municipal agencies, they get their funding, and directions from the top, the city...
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    Condo & Co-Op Boards and Associations: Re: Board Telling Renter of Late Maintenance

    I rent out condo units as well as single and multiple familiy houses. I also lived in condos. And I always keep two months rent in reserve to pay my fees on time.

    Why did I do this??

    I got into...
  20. Traffic Accidents: Re: Hit a Pedestrian with My Car, No Injury, No Info Exchanged, No Police Report

    I had an accident here in NY some years back, a bicyclist ran into my car, rolled off the hood. He said he was all right, refused assistance. A police car happened to be at the stop light at the...
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    Unlawful Eviction: Re: Can HOA Decide Who Lives in House

    Who can reside within the condo units are governed by the condo's CC&R's and enforced by the HOA.

    Setting a limit of from 15% to 25% for "rented out" units is pretty standard for condo complexes,...
  22. State Taxes: Re: LLC Taxes for Delaware, Dissolution and What Happens when Not Paying Taxes

    I dissolved LL's and C Corps here in NY, and as part of the dissolution process, the state finance department issues to me a certificate to good for 60 days saying "all taxes are paid". Beyond the 60...
  23. Business Disputes: Re: Switching Corporations to Avoid Paying Debt

    You might want to check out "piercing the corporate veil", see:

    You'll need to establish that the corporation is a mere "alter go" of...
  24. Building Permits: Re: What Turns Uninhabitable, Non-Living Space into Habitable Living Space

    I read your post more carefully, noticed you are in Nassau County, and I did some rehabs in Nassau County, NY.

    1 You would most likely need a permit to upgrade existing uphabited spaces to other...
  25. Building Permits: Re: What Turns Uninhabitable, Non-Living Space into Habitable Living Space

    Building codes vary county by county throughout the USA.

    I'm a real estate investor, rehabber here in NY. As far as renovating basements are concerned, if I change the basement to habitble space,...
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