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  1. Adoption of Children: Re: Adoption of Step Child in California (Tricky Situation)

    First, emancipation is not the legal solution you are looking for. Emancipation means the child is independent and capable of taking care of him or herself without someone else. In short,...
  2. Juvenile Court: Re: When is Juvenile Shoplifting a Felony vs. a Misdemeanor

    Mr. Knowitall is correct, although you could probably take this as an opportunity to learn about the law.

    A misdemeanor is usually a minor crime, for things like theft, trespassing or vandalism,...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Steroids Injected into Normal Disc's

    This would be a legal question if your clinic's procedure was not only abnormal, but also caused you injury somehow. Otherwise, this is a medical question, not a question of medical malpractice.
  4. Copyright Law: Re: Do I Have Any Rights to the Work I've Done For My Employer

    There is no right to royalty or recognition unless the work is legally identified as yours. This usually involves getting a license for a copyright. Do you have an employment contract? I would be...
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    Licenses and Certificates: Re: Divorce: Am I Legally Married

    Signatures only require an identifiable mark made by the person signing it. She could have signed it with her initials and it would still probably be considered valid.
  6. Chapter 7: Re: Does it Make Sense to File for Bankruptcy Over Student Loans

    Discharging student loans is very very difficult. Consider these questions:

    1) Would paying these loans keep you from "a minimal standard of living"? This usually means you are below the poverty...
  7. Alienation of Affection: Re: Alienation of Affection and Criminal Conversation

    Alienation of Affection is a charge against the person who "stole" your spouse, but in the 21st century this is rarely taken seriously in court because 1) your spouse is not your property and 2)...
  8. Re: Can an Adult Legally Be with His Minor Girlfriend

    If you plan to do anything sexual, leave the pants on and wait till she turns 18. And even than, be sure her parents are okay with everything.
  9. Sex Offenses: Re: Can I Legally Record a Minor and a Adult Kissing Each Other

    There is nothing legally wrong with kissing, as such laws only apply to sex. The problem is that kissing is interpreted by American society as being sexual, which could create problems.

    The rule...
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    Interviews: Re: Discriminatory Interview Questions

    The general rule is that interviewers should limit themselves to questions which are relevant to the job. If the question is of a personal nature, the interviewer should refrain from asking....
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    Guardianship: Re: Guardianship of an 18 Year Old

    Unless the person is mentally or physically handicapped and declared so by a court, guardianships typically end at the age of 18. As a legal adult however, he can stay where he wants. You could just...
  12. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Caught Shoplifting $3 Worth of Items, Now What Nrtd

    A word of advice: understand what you're signing before you sign it, even though you're in trouble. These databases are pretty much where retail stores can enter in identification of people they've...
  13. Professional Conduct: Re: Opposing Counsel Has Conflict of Interest Do I Have a Right to Know What That is

    Not usually, as it may infringe on the attorney-client privilege. However, conflict of interests are usually the result of a few situations:

    1) Simultaneous representation of two parties in a...
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    Emancipation: Re: Indiana Emancipation Law for 16 Year Old

    cbg is right, emancipation should only be pursued if you can support yourself. The laws for emancipation in your state are already posted in this site:...
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    Property Rights: Re: Ex Moved Out - Took My Stuff

    I suggest you try small claims court if the value of all the stuff is a little over $1,000. As for rent, you'll probably have to negotiate with your landlord to bring it down, as now there's only one...
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    Banking: Re: University Sent My Check to Wrong Person

    I suggest you contact an attorney to sue the person who cashed the check, both civil and criminal if possible, as it is a crime to cash a check that isn't yours. I believe its larceny, theft through...
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    Enforcement of Judgments: Re: Divorce What Does the Legal Term Abeyance Mean

    As far as I can tell, abeyance in this part of the contract means "to be determined". Since your children's future is too far in the distance to determine, like what schools they will go to, what...
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    Property Rights: Re: Being Threatened by Ex-Fiance

    Even with an agreement though, the courts may not recognize as valid given the circumstances of when the agreement would have been made. A person cannot be forced into an agreement; that is known as...
  19. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: What Do I Do About My Daughter's Father Abandoning Her

    If you want him to be a father, there is no force in heaven or earth which can force him to do so. If you want financial support though, I suggest you seek child support.
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    Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Disagreement Over Schooling

    Mr. Knowitall is correct, the custody order would be the first place to look. If the order doesn't mention schooling however, and it went before a judge, the judge is legally obligated to make a...
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    Divorce: Re: Can an Illegal Alien File for Divorce

    It would depend on the divorce procedures of the country he divorced his ex-wife from. As long as all requirements are met, then it will be a legal divorce that American courts will recognize. It...
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    Modification of Custody: Re: Father is Trying to Get Full Custody

    I can't help you find an attorney, but I can say that judge's make decisions, especially child custody decisions, based on the children's best interest. Assuming that there isn't anything missing...
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    Drug Possession: Re: Marijuana and Trespassing Charges in Texas

    Police only need to read your Miranda rights if they want to interrogate you. An arrest is not enough to trigger reading of rights.

    1) First time offense, probably just large fines and community...
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    Relocation: Re: Custodial Parent is Moving to Germany

    Even though the father's visitation's have been suspended, I recommend getting the judge's approval so there is no dispute over relocation. Be prepared to show that the move is in the children's best...
  25. Disciplinary Issues: Re: Been W/ Company for 3 Years, First Write Up, Threatening Termination for Attendan

    Is the employment really at will? OP didn't mention that. I mean in American law it's assumed that its at will, but if the OP has a contract stating otherwise, then it wouldn't be. Also, being at...
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