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  1. Bankruptcy Issues: Trustee Opposes Short Sale of Home, Not Protected By Bankruptcy

    My house was removed from bankruptcy protection due to my lawyer not forwarding the court notice to me. Thus, neither I nor my attorney was present for the hearing.

    My house is up for foreclosure...
  2. Foreclosure: Re: Which Is Better - Short Sale Or A Foreclosure

    for me, a short sale would be better because I would not want my credit to be ruined for 7- 10 years, but that's only for me. Other people may think differently.
  3. Mortgages: Re: Can I Negotiate A Short Sale Without Ruining My Credit

    Perhaps you could negotiate a deed in lieu of forclosure (simply pu, you could give the property back to the mortgage company without penalty to you); you must speak with your Mortgage Foreclosure...
  4. Foreclosure: Re: Foreclosure, Quit Claim, and Refinancing in New Jersey

    My thoughts were that if the original mortgage company agrees to the short sale amount than where the money comes from should not be the issue. There is not a lot of time working for this particular...
  5. Foreclosure: Foreclosure, Quit Claim, and Refinancing in New Jersey

    Is it possible to quit claim a property once approved for a short sale deal, and then the new owner refinance the property right away to pay the short amount to the Sellers' original Mortgage company...
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