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  1. Eviction Process: Re: How to Evict My Girlfriend from My Apartment

    When you find people with this sort of stuff in their background, you FLEE from them, you don't DATE them. Now you're learning this the hard way. And anyone who tells you that they spent a month in...
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    Trespassing: Re: Trespassing on a Railroad Track Charge

    You realize that the railroad PAYS for those rocks, and the purpose they serve, right? Why would you think that it's ok for you to TAKE (aka steal) those rocks?

    So you already had an idea...
  3. Threats and Intimidation: Re: My Prank Calls Are Being Investigated As "Terrorist Threats"

    There's lots of ways what you said might get twisted against you. Just because YOU only thought it "basically annoying" doesn't mean that the victim or police or the prosecutor will feel the same...
  4. Roommates: Re: Does a Landlord Have to Run Credit Checks on Your Proposed Roommates

    This isn't your landlord's problem. It's YOUR problem. No, the landlord doesn't HAVE TO do anything, have to check credit, or backgrounds, or anything else. If you were foolish enough to ask for...
  5. Towing: Re: Semi Towed for Parking on Side of Private Road by Reality Company

    Just because you got away with it for so long, that dosn't mean that you have any legal claim to continue parking there, over the objection of the owners.
  6. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Florida Termination of Parental Rights - Private Petition by Mother

    You're not going to find such a person on a free internet message board. Why? Because the people who have successfully WON such cases is both minute and specific. There may be up to even 8 or 9 of...
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    Determination of Fault: Re: Hitting a Car That is In Your Blind Spot

    For starters, it sounds like you need an alarm clock and a watch, since you seem to have a constant crisis of being in a hurry.
  8. Retailers: Re: Sue Local Business for Harassment

    This isn't a police matter. Neither is it a law suit. This is really simple. If you don't like the way the employees at a retail establishment treat you, then you stop shopping there.
  9. Obstruction of Justice: Re: Did Not Relinquish Keys, Charged with Obstruction

    Exactly this. The place to make such arguments are in COURT, where one lays out either their damages or how their civil rights were violated; not at the roadside. The OP had no right to the keys...
  10. Libel: Re: Can You Sue Somebody for Calling You Unstable

    And, if you're talking about Chapter718 Florida Statues, it would be a BOARD who violates the Condiminium act, NOT an individual.
  11. Grades and Credits: Re: Can You Sue a College for Overburdening You With Difficult Coursework

    And for God's sake, don't post all over the internet complaining about how hard school is - don't you know that EMPLOYERS love to Google people's names to see what they complain about? Think there...
  12. Plea Bargains: Re: Shouldn't I Exspect More Out of My Attorney Would You Be Worried

    If you have severe mental health issues you will not be involved in controlled buys. You are too much of a liability to get yourself or someone else in a potentially dangerous situation.
  13. Probation and Parole: Re: Claiming that Somebody Planted Drug Paraphernalia in Your Purse

    Because they're using drugs.
  14. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Violating Custody Order

    My money if circumstances are similar, is on mom being the one that'll irk the judge first. The courts simply don't want nor need to be involved in the equivalent of someone spitting on the sidewalk,...
  15. Emancipation: Re: Can a Suicidal Fifteen-Year-Old Get Emancipated

    They are called foster homes, and they are where children who can't or shouldn't be raised under their parents go when a court decides that intervention is warranted.
  16. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Violating Custody Order

    She also had the option to be REASONABLE. No court in the world has found a way to address ahead of time every possible scenario where an exception could or should be made so that all possibilities...
  17. Other Injuries: Re: Can You Be Sued for Protecting Yourself

    Anybody can sue anybody else at any time for just about anything. Being able to SUE doesn't mean they can WIN. I could file a suit against you tomorrow saying that you beat me up and kicked my dog,...
  18. Criminal Investigations: Re: How to Prove That You're Under Police Surveillance

    The very fact that you think total strangers on the internet could answer such a question points, as Boo notes, to mental health issues. How could any of us POSSIBLY know what some unknown police in...
  19. Emancipation: Re: Can You Get Emancipated Over the Way Your Parents Treat You

    And in Lousiana, "emancipation" does NOT equal freedom from parental control.
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    Sex Offender Registration: Re: One

    If you're telling us that the offender has now bought the home of the victim and is now functioning as her defacto landlord, yes, there could be violations there. Offender should have consulted with...
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    Arrest Warrants: Re: How Do Bench Warrants Work

    They certainly could. But someone would probably have to alert the judge to the fact that there's a warrant. I can only vouch for a few courts here in my state, but the majority of people appearing...
  22. Establishing an Order: Re: Help

    We cant read what any of your court order addressing visitation says from here. If you don't have one, you need to get one. Without it, mom can make the rules as she goes. If you already have one,...
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    Divorce: Re: Divorce with Children

    People can make mistakes.
  24. Juvenile Court: Re: Can You Be Charged With Trespassing for Sneaking Into Your Girlfriend's House

    Yep, this could have ended badly with little more than a single shuffle down the hall to use the restroom ... mom sees the shadowy figure of a man who does'n't belong in the house .. and blamo,...
  25. Child Abuse: Re: Regarding Alleged Abuse and Nitrous Oxide Consumption in Front of Children

    The person to give anything you think might be evidence is your attorney and ONLY YOUR ATTORNEY.

    Yes, public defenders are often very busy without a lot of time to sit down for strategic...
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