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    Re: Leases Are They Public Info

    That is what I thought just wanted to make sure.
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    Are Leases Public Info

    State WV
    Is a lease public information?
    I rented a house out to a man who is getting a divorce his soon to be ex wants to see the lease and has requested I send it to her. I would think she could...
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    Re: No Legal Guardian

    If your mother left a will that named a gardian, it has to go through the probate court before you have a gardian. If nobody contest that gardian it should go through quickly. Right now somebody...
  4. Adoption of Children: Re: I Objected but Adopted Anyways

    Have you had contact with the child and are you paying support? You didn't say what state your in but I know of several that have abandonment laws where a parents parental rights can be terminated if...
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    Re: Having a Minor Stay the Night

    Here is a simple way to look at it. You are an adult, your girlfriend is a minor, if for some reason you get prosecuted for sleeping with her that makes you a sex offender. Sex offenders are not...
  6. Re: I Am Leaving Husband of 12 Yrs. Kids Involved. Complicated

    He can threaten you till the cows come home but if there is no order in place involving custody you can take the kids where ever. They are yours too and no court said that you can't take them...
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    Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: Can I Stay With My Step Dad at Age 16

    I'm in WV when my now husband seperated from his first wife he got visitation (it was all he asked for) of his step daughter, also if something happens to his ex he gets both his bio daughter and his...
  8. Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: Giving Rights to Grandparents In Case of Death or Incapacity

    If I were dead I don't think anyone else would contest it however I'm more conserned what would happen if I was alive but unconcious, or something along those lines. Or if something happens to one of...
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    Re: Can I Get My Child Support

    NO you can't but who ever your staying with if they have custody can get cs from both parents if your not living with either. You however can get nothing. If your a run away staying with people who...
  10. Grandparents and Third Parties: Giving Rights to Grandparents In Case of Death or Incapacity

    My question involves grandparents rights in the State of: wv

    The father of my 4 kids died back in '04. Before he died my parents bought the majority of Christmas presants and clothing and have...
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    Re: My Ex is Playing the System

    Probably not. If she filled out the required paper work for home schooling she is legally able to do so until the child makes no progress then the child would be required to go back into school. At...
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    Re: My Ex is Playing the System

    when a child is home schooled they have to at the end of the year provide the school board with either 1) a portfolio of the work completed which must be checked by a teacher 2) take a test like the...
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    Re: Can I Stop Garnishment

    You have to call the BCSE which would be in charge of handling this. My husband had a problem where when the amount was calculated it was back dated to when the judge signed the order. That was 3...
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    Child Abuse: Re: Protecting Myself from Being Accused

    I understand the consern however if your house is in order and the kids are fine even if you land a bad social worker they wouldn't remove the kids. I have had false reports too and have had to work...
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    Re: West Virginia Parent Custody

    I've been dealing with WV courts you have no say. You can talk to the judge if your parents request it but there has to be a really good reason for a change not just because you want it.
  16. Child Neglect: Re: Is It Legal for My 13 Year Old to Watch My 8 Year Old

    I one time asked a cps socail worker this question. There is no "legal" age for kids to be left home alone or to babysit. However if something happens you are responcible and could very well be...
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    Emancipation: Re: Emancipation (Not Your Typical Emancipation Thread)

    This is probably your best bet. If they can be your legal gardians you can get enrolled in school, get a job and by the time you hit 18 you will be self supporting. They will also be able to be payee...
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    Re: Appropriate Use of Child Support

    If the kids are going to school with out a bag lunch or money for lunch eventually the school is going to call cps. This is going to be considered neglect. Since the dad is not required to pay...
  19. Child Neglect: Re: How Much Neglect is Enough to Remove a Child from Parents

    If you want more state specific info go to
    Most investigations can take up to 90 days. They must not feel there is too much of a risk of danger or the would have pulled the kids...
  20. Student Privacy: Re: Transgender Student's Use of Rest Room Facility

    The situation has been resolved. Apparently so many parents called to complain this morning they just gave the kid the key to the faculty bathroom to use on a perminate basis. He is not to be in...
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    Re: Getting Custody of My Youngest Sister

    Just something to think about but you stated your in the military who would care for the child while you are deployed? That would be the main consern here. Otherwise talk to a lawyer because it is...
  22. Student Privacy: Re: Transgender Students Use of Rest Room Facility

    I believe the child is a 7th grader according to my children.
    I don't get what you mean by seperating other kids based on dress preferance because most days when I go up to the school I really only...
  23. Student Privacy: Re: Transgender Students Use of Rest Room Facility

    The kids are not required to actually shower for gym. This child was given a key to the faculty rest room for changing into and out of gym clothing. So he is NOT permitted to change in either the...
  24. Student Privacy: Re: Transgender Students Use of Rest Room Facility

    This is a public rest room I'm talking about not a rest room in a home where there is one sink and one toilet. This has many stalls and sinks. A bathroom an a home and a bathroom in a shool are to...
  25. Student Privacy: Transgender Student's Use of Rest Room Facility

    My question involves education law in the State of: WV

    Kids came home stating that a transgender student transfered into the middle school. This is a male who dresses like a female and wishes to...
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