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  1. Homeowners Associations: Re: Can a Voluntary HOA Enforce its Rules on Homeowners

    Thank you all for your replies. I am looking into the situation more in depth with county records, as at closing I was told by the title company that the HOA no longer existed in a legal sense. Of...
  2. Homeowners Associations: Re: Can a Voluntary HOA Enforce its Rules on Homeowners

    No, I mean the HOA membership is simply not mandatory. The HOA was supposed to be established within a certain time when the tracts were made into a subdivision, but I believe it never got off the...
  3. Homeowners Associations: Can a Voluntary HOA Enforce its Rules on Homeowners

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: TEXAS
    Hi, I have a few "voluntary" HOA questions as follows:

    I recently purchased a home in a community that has a voluntary HOA. My...
  4. Re: Concerned About Time Limits On Settlement

    Not knowing your wife's age and retirement eligibility from the original post I just wanted to caution you regarding the future earnings aspect as it can be very hard to get employment at the same...
  5. Re: Concerned About Time Limits On Settlement

    There are a couple of concerns I would have here, the biggest being them wanting your wife to give up a government job as part of a settlement, which might not be the best thing given the current and...
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    Re: Is This Legal? Discriminatory?

    Lots of things play into hiring and placement decisions. It isn't simply a numbers game of years of education and years of experience.

    According to who? This is a very subjective area....
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    Re: Rebate Check

    They "overlook" it with the entire tax credit determination as well, especially if you consider a 17 to 23 yo dependent in college and the associated costs. My understanding of the logic is that IRS...
  8. Re: Maintenance/right To Park On Right Of Way NH

    Yes. And just in case you're interested, the technical legal jargon is that the dominant tenement( or estate) holds a non-possessory interest and right of use of the easement that passes over/through...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Accomplice To Shoplifting

    Also consider that there will be no police or court record of this if the civil demand is simply paid. The financial reality is that if you don't pay they might file a lawsuit and also, however...
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    Re: Utilities In A Childs Name

    Re: this and your other post. Call the utilty company and inform them they have a twelve year old contracting for services with them, that you now have legal custody, and that you demand her name be...
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    Credit / Debit Card Fraud: Re: Computer/Credit Card Fraud

    That's not funny enough to get away with being in poor taste.

    Priests are legally required to report illegal activity told to them in confidence? Since when?

    State laws:...
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Statutory Rape Law in Florida

    The law in effect at the time of your crime(s).
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifted At Wamart In Ohio

    While not an official source...
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    Re: High School Searches

    Private school = private rules. Probably not much you can do.

    Wouldn't matter much if it was a public school though, as the courts have pretty consistently ruled that there is no expectation of...
  15. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Landlord's Obligation To Provide Mailbox

    Mrs. Buzzard (the Postmaster) says that it depends on what type of mail route it is. If it is a "city route" there would generally be a separate box at each tenant's door(these could be mounted side...
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    Quiet Enjoyment: Re: Rampant Crime/Drugs In Apt Complex

    I don't know as you read about decisions going both ways. In general, if the events/behavior affecting your quiet enjoyment/implied warranty of habitibility, etc aren't reasonably foreseeable by the...
  17. Defamation: Re: Being Sued By An Ebayer Out Of State For Defamation

    Personally, I think it's BS and frivolous in the legal sense of the word. And I would hope any judge would find it such as well.

    I think if I were you I would contact the court and ask them how to...
  18. Service and Repair: Re: Pressure Water Against Our Car Engine..

    1) What state are you in?
    2) What is a marquee? Is that a fancy or foreign word for garage?
    3) Have you taken this vehicle to a factory authorized dealer/service facility with certified mechanics?...
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    Re: Bought A New Car

    It would depend upon the nature of the option, the value it represents(this might might be pro-rated if part of an option group), and whether or not a court or arbitration officer would rule it cause...
  20. Re: Is There Any Monetary Compensation Due To Me?

    Please describe the injury, and the event that caused it.

    WC never pays for pain and suffering, mental and emotional anguish, etc. WC benefits offer replacement of wages to some extent, medical...
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    Re: Contract For Property As A Capital Asset


    Although it made for an interesting tax strategy/argument... :confused: :D

    IRS says, no, the deposit can not be treated as a 1234a loss as the treatment of the deposit would be subject...
  22. Security Deposits: Re: Desposit Returned, Now Landlord Wants It Back

    The LL inspected the apartment and returned your deposit. It was obviously up to his standards as he returned the deposit. That it wasn't clean enough for the next tenant is the next tenant's...
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    Re: New York State Tax Collection

    See this thread for some details:

    NY state has 20 years to collect on on a tax lien.
  24. Re: Dealer Sold Me A V6 On Paperwork, But Found Out I Got A 4 Cylinder

    I believe the damage would be that she fairly bargained for a truck with a 6 cylinder engine which costs more, has greater value, and has a higher resale value than the same model truck with a 4...
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    Re: Speed Bumps On Easements

    It's a competing rights situation: The right you(dominant tenement) hold to use the easement without unreasonable interference(speed bumps) vs the right of the property owner(servient tenement) that...
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