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    Transmission Goes Out After Driving Off Lot

    Hi live here in florida and bought a minivan with drivetime yesterday. Drove it off the lot and got gas upon getting on highway engine light comes on. Take it to shop this am and the transmission is...
  2. Theft and Larceny: Re: Will Pending Felony Charges Show Up on a Background Check

    curious to know did you get the job? Did the charges show or not? What company did they use?
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    Background Checks: Re: Deferred Sentence

    From what I have been researching and have been told that if at anytime you plead guilty then you have to put yes. If you did not enter a plea of guilty or otherwise then you can put NO. It also...
  4. Background Checks: Re: Pending Indictment Show Up on Background Check

    Thank You! Was one of the companies you called choicepoint? I am not for sure if this is the company they use but would almost guarantee it because it is an insurance company. I am worried sick. An...
  5. Background Checks: Will a Pending Indictment Show Up on a Background Check

    My question involves a background check in the State of: WV
    Indicted for foodstamp fraud for overpayment but I now live in another state. Awaiting pretrial hearing to see for trial or not. Lawyer...
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