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  1. Discovery: Re: Is There a Way to Force Production of a Document

    To the best of my knowledge, no NY attorneys follow these boards on a regular basis, and input from anyone other than an NY attorney will be of little help.
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    Starting a Business: Re: Not for Profit LLC

    Of course you can "avoid incorporating in California." You have, presumably, "advoid[ed] incorporating in California" every day of your life so far (as have I). It's within every human being's...
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    Evidence: Re: Admissible Evidence

    An affirmation of what? Admissible for what purpose? Is the attorney a party to the lawsuit in which the evidence is sought to be admitted?

    Questions about the admissibility of evidence can...
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    Separation: Re: Parents Separated for 20+ Years

    People who know nothing about them cannot answer this question intelligently.

    More than what? She may be entitled to survivor benefits since she is his spouse.

    Also, if they're still...
  5. Homeowners Associations: Re: City Requires Me to Remove Tree and Fix Pavers (Tree is Hoa's Territory)

    It doesn't really matter who planted it. You wrote that it "is in the front yard" but that you're "not the sole owner of that tree." Obviously, that implies that you are an owner of the tree but...
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    Re: Vehicle Held As Collateral

    In other words...this person signed over the title to the vehicle to you?

    For starters, your ability to take possession of the vehicle has nothing to do with any documents. Do you have keys...
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    Private Sales: Re: Puppy Mill - Sick Puppy

    "We"? You told us that "[your] daughter purchased [the] puppy," so what would make you think you might have any recourse for anything? Is your daughter a minor?

    As for your daughter, it's not...
  8. Ownership Rights: Re: Co-Owned Car with Fiancée - Relationship Ending

    You didn't ask a question, and this is awfully vague. As you have described it, the car is jointly owned, and each of you has equal rights to possess the car. You're now learning why buying a car...
  9. Business Disputes: Re: My Partner is Trapping/Forcing Me to Stay in the LLC

    FYI, this is a 2+ month old thread, and what "EVAKATY75" wrote is a direct quote out of the original post. Based on this and other posts, I assume it's a spam seeder and have reported it as such.
  10. Re: Original Executor Removed, Unable to Communicate with New Executor. a Giant Mess

    Rather than a bunch of quotes (using this site's less than optimal quote feature), here are my further comments:

    1. It probably doesn't matter as concerns your wife's mother's estate, but IRAs,...
  11. Re: Original Executor Removed, Unable to Communicate with New Executor. a Giant Mess

    This is less clear than one would hope. I'll assume that "My wife" and "late wife" are the same person. Correct? Also, does "and kids" refer to your kids or your wife's siblings kids? I'll assume...
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    Estate Planning Strategies: Re: Estate Planning Over a Lifetime

    "Estate plan" may include many things. Wills can be amended (the term typically used for an amendment to a will is "codicil") or replaced entirely. Trusts can also be amended or completely...
  13. Thread: Paint Peeling

    by pg1067

    Warranties: Re: Paint Peeling

    If it's "as shiny as the rest of the truck," what is the problem?

    Well...the rather obvious first step is to contact the dealer where you bought it to discuss the issue.
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    Consumer Law Issues: Re: Golf Club Membership

    This is not a matter about which the law will have anything to say. It entirely depends on the terms of your contract with the club. You know what that says and we don't.
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Health Insurance Company Lawyer


    There appears to be a word or two missing from this sentence.
  16. Re: Tow Damage - Will Submitting a Credit Card Chargeback Hurt Case

    I'm going to respond to this in the other thread you started about this same issue.
  17. Re: Tow Damage - Where May I File a Small Claims Case

    Does your written contract with the towing company say anything about where any disputes must be filed?

    If not, I see nothing that would make me think filing in Las Cruces would be proper and, if...
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    Re: Accident While on Restricted License

    The OP didn't respond to these question six weeks ago, so I'm not sure why anyone thinks "Managar's" pointless resurrection of the thread will cause the OP to come back
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Going About Custody

    Was his paternity ever established? If so, how was it established?

    I think what this means is that, for some unstated number of "years," the 7yo son has lived with your (ex-?) boyfriend and...
  20. Thread: 2 Tickets

    by pg1067

    Re: 2 Tickets

    If I've understood your post correctly, that's exactly what happened, so I'm at a loss to understand why you think it might not be possible. If your intent was to ask whether there is some legal...
  21. Trust Administration: Re: Family Settlement Agreement Sample Form to Settle an Estate in Pa


    Not sure what the point of your post is.
  22. Re: Physical Custodian Moving Out of State - Permission Not Asked nor Granted

    With whom is the child living?

    I suspect the court's order requires notice of a move with the child, which, as you've described it, is not what happened.
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    Nursing Home Injuries: Re: Corona in the Nursing Home

    Could be.
  24. Re: Car Was Impounded for Parking in an Unmarked Fire Lane in My Gated Community

    What state?
  25. Disciplinary Issues: Re: Reporting Company Activity to a Federal Agency

    Why are you assuming this? For that matter, why do you believe that your employer is engaged in some sort of fraud?

    A simple google search appears to indicate the ability to make an...
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