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  1. Unlawful Eviction: Re: Tenant's Property Was Removed Without Permission and Taken to an Unknown Location

    Cracked it. You had weed in a bongo drum. He took your bongo drum. Now you really want that bongo drum back!
  2. Re: Why is There No Governmental Restitution for Defendants Found Not Guilty

    Just to inject some politics. I can't stand Hillary - but at least she knows which country she lives in.

  3. Getting Fired: Re: Is Your Employer Bound to a Severance Agreement That You Changed Without Notice

    Google "meeting of the minds". It's essential, and you're screwed.

  4. Retailers: Re: Refund from Retailer Who Painted a Stored Armoire Without Permission

    This is all an argument for occasionally picking up the phone and then following up with a simple confirmation email. My head hurts following that, and sending emails to text inboxes is cruel and...
  5. Re: Should Sec. Clinton Be Prosecuted for Those E-Mails

    I was worried now I think we're simply too lazy for proper fascism. Uniforms that have to be polished, all that synchronized marching, regular meetings and the like. I think this is just a...
  6. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifting at Target

    There is little you can do now where the risk doesn't outweigh potential benefits. You're a dang fool for ever going back in the store again - that's for sure.
  7. Adverse Possession: Re: Can You Claim Ownership of Land on Your Side of a Fence, That You Historically Mo

    Do you have structures/functions built on the land? Merely cutting the grass normally doesn't do it, esp. in NY where the laws around posssession seem tighter than they are here in TX at least. Not...
  8. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Gates on Easements

    Though it sounded familiar. Imagine that, both sides finding the same forum!
  9. Closings and Escrow: Re: Can You Keep Money Accidentally Released to You from Escrow

    Just have to say continually puzzled and saddened by people who think they can keep money given to them in error because somebody wasn't paying attention, or a computer made a mistake, or something...
  10. Unemployment Benefits: Re: If I Accept Severance Package, Will I Still Be Eligible for UI

    Counter offer on severance? Please do tell me us how that works out for you
  11. Premises Liability: Re: Is the Restaurant Liable

    How did you not have a snack? You must feel awful.
  12. Drug Possession: Re: Can You Be Charged With Drug Possession Based on Items in Your Repossessed Vehicl

    Anything can happen, but I'd love to see the prosecutor try that case. Your honor, the evidence in question was handed to us by the tow company employee. He double pinky swears it was in the...
  13. Drug Possession: Re: Possible Possession After Vehicle Was Repoed

    They can always try to charge you. That said, I suspect they were just giving you a case of nerves - that pot has been smoked by now. I can't imagine any PD with nothing better to do than chase...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Shoplifting During a Period of Mental Haze

    Perhaps we *do* have to worry about the mental health of those who seem so intent on hanging onto *anything* but responsibility. I wonder if the AMA would recognize it as an actual treatable...
  15. Determination of Fault: Re: Got Hit Making a Left Turn by a Guy Switching Lanes After He Indicated a Turn

    Turn signal is not a promise to turn.
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    Drug Possession: Re: Minors Accused of Using Marijuana at School

    And let's not forget that smoking a cigarette and smoking weed are done differently, if you do it right, and that should be obvious on camera.
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    Re: On Duty Cop Arrested for Murder, No Bail

    This whole thing is like a bad movie.
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    Re: On Duty Cop Arrested for Murder, No Bail

    Guess this kid should count his lucky stars he was only detained for no apparent reason other than being good at basketball.

  19. Service Providers: Re: Isp Interrupted Service Purposely While I Was Working Online Professionally

    Although whomever is lucky enough ot open your request will get a big laugh, so you have that going for your plan.
  20. Service Providers: Re: Isp Interrupted Service Purposely While I Was Working Online Professionally

    You will most likely find, in your terms and conditions, rules that protect them. If you were purchasing a business product it might be different because they'll probably make uptime promises, but...
  21. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Can You Get a Store to Drop Shoplifting Charges

    Possibly police were in the store already and Target decided it would be easier to have them stop you. How many people got stopped?
  22. Hiring: Re: Can a Former Employee Pass Off As a Completely New Applicant

    Depends on size of company. Many payroll providers (or internal payroll functions), as a control, will run reports that show if terminated employees are getting paid, and those reports will key off...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Home Depot Price Change False Accusation

    Having spent a total of about 8 hours in front of a HD self-check machine in the last three years (and thousands of dollars), I call horse####. No way anybody scans an item without seeing that "good...
  24. Probation and Parole: Re: A Special Case

    "Just want your life back". Then handle your business - you act as if this has all been put on you by somebody other than yourself. And I'm still laughing about your two days of "hard time". You...
  25. Quiet Enjoyment: Re: Can You Hold a Landlord Liable for a Burglary

    Just had to let you know I heard you on Handel on the Law..... best of luck!
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