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    Re: Tinting Windows

    The law is the law, even if the CHP tells you something else.
  2. Re: What Should Be Included in an Answer to an Unlawful Detainer

    That's not the purpose of an answer. Absent a specific rule on the issue, disclosure of evidence and the like is going to be governed by any standing orders of the court and by any discovery rules or...
  3. Re: Does an Answer to a an Unlawful Detainer Filing Limit What You Can Present in Cou

    That will depend upon such factors as what they put in their answer, what they intend to present in court and its relevance to the complaint and answer and, if it's not, whether they successfully...
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    Disputing Debts: Re: Gambling Chargeback Denied

    You have opted not to give the bank the information it requested to evaluate your situation. You are waiting for a decision. You will find out when that decision is made, whether or not your omission...
  5. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Does a Bedroom Have to Have Direct Connection to the Outside

    You should ask the building inspector if your bedroom qualifies as a habitable space under the applicable code provision. We are not in a position to assess the space.

    You are apparently looking...
  6. Applying for Unemployment: Re: Can You Get Unemployment if You Quit Over Your Treatment at Work

    The basic deal is this: You can apply for UI. You should be honest in your application.

    Meanwhile, assume the worst (that you will be denied) and look for another job -- you need to look for jobs,...
  7. Termination of an Easement: Re: Easement Abandoment by Merger of Ajoining Properties

    In the case of that specific ordinance, clause (b) is dependent upon clause (a) -- it is describing the effect of what happens when a merger occurs under clause (a). The goal of the ordinance, when...
  8. Child Neglect: Re: Can You Be Charged With Child Endangerment Over Diaper Rashes

    You need to recognize that arguments that have not succeed with the police, the prosecutor or two courts are going to suddenly convince the prosecutor who is pressing criminal charges against you to...
  9. Background Checks: Re: How to Clear Up Erroneous Criminal Charges on a Background Check

    Start by reading your report and finding out if it is, in fact, a match -- or if they're making a possible match based on partial information. Ask the background check company to correct any errors....
  10. Traffic Accidents: Re: Personal Injury Damages Under Michigan No Fault Law

    Your first three years of lost wages fall under your first party coverage. The 15% reduction is based upon the fact that your wage loss benefit is not taxed. If you will be unable to return to work...
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    Drug Possession: Re: What to Do if You're Caught With Drugs

    As it appears that you are stating that you have been charged with the simple possession of illegal drugs, if you are a first offender and believe that you can keep your nose clean for the duration...
  12. Minors' Rights: Re: Can Parents Make Their Minor Child Remove Piercings

    Sorry, you're too young to use this site.
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    Court Proceedings: Re: What to Do After Losing Rights to Your Child

    You have shared no facts that would allow us to comment on your belief that your rights were violated. You should discuss your concerns with your lawyer, as well as the possibility of having the...
  14. Legal Malpractice: Re: What to Do if Your Lawyer Fails to Appear in Court

    What do you want to do?

    If you want to hire a different lawyer, try asking for a refund. Let us know if you get one.

    If you choose, you can file a complaint with the state bar.
  15. Emancipation: Re: Can a Sixteen-Year-Old Get Emancipated from a Guardianship

    You can move to another state and attend college based upon your guardians' permission, with no need for emancipation.

    Under New Mexico law, to qualify for emancipation you must be "willingly...
  16. Restrictive Covenants: Re: Non Compete and Non Solicitations

    They don't need proof of the violation in order to commence a lawsuit. They can file the lawsuit based upon their reasonable belief, then pursue evidence through discovery.
  17. Grounds for Eviction: Re: Help

    To prove standing in court, he would either need to prove that he's the duly authorized agent of the life tenant (his mother) or that he's the primary tenant (renting from his mother).

    When push...
  18. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: Would I Be Notified if My Estranged Father Died

    If probate occurs, even if disinherited, a legal heir should receive notice of the estate.

    The details will be in the estates code of the state in which the decedent's estate is probated.
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    Determination of Fault: Re: Lane Change Accident - Who's at Fault

    Make your best argument to the insurance company, and cross your fingers.
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    Other Insurance: Re: Foreign Dental Claim Denied

    With the caveat that I can't interpret the terms of an insurance policy that I have not had the opportunity to see, cbg is correct. If the contract requires specific information before a claim can be...
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    Child Neglect: Re: How to Report Sexual Abuse of a Minor

    If you believe that the children are being abused, pick up the phone yourself and call protective services. They can investigate your report.
  22. Unregistered Vehicles: Re: Can You Be Arrested on a Ticket That is More Than Twenty Years Old

    An arrest warrant doesn't go away merely because it takes the police a long time to find you -- but Due Process issues may have arisen given the length of the delay, if the police have not made a...
  23. Sex Offenses: Re: Is It Legal to Make a Photo Book on Vintage Bestiality for Historical Purposes

    Obscenity is measured by local community standards, so there is no answer for the entire USA. It is also not possible to tell you whether a picture would be regarded as obscene without knowing what...
  24. Traffic Accidents: Re: Lawsuit Due to an Incorrect Police Report

    When there are multiple, competing versions of how an accident occurred, and each driver involved in the accident has a different story of how the accident occurred and where the vehicles ended up...
  25. Hiring a Lawyer: Re: How to Find a Lawyer Who Will Handle a Criminal Case Pro Bono

    Article: How to hire a criminal defense lawyer.

    Most criminal defense lawyers work in only one state. There is no source of data for "winning experiences", nor would such a statistic have much...
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