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  1. Re: Fire Takes Out Tenants Building, Can I Sue Their Insurance Company Directly

    Duplicate thread.
  2. Business Insurance: Re: Fire Takes Out Tenants Building, Can I Sue Their Innsurance Company Directly own the building and rented it to a person or entity who operated a restaurant in the building. Correct? What was the cause of the fire?

    Do you also own this second building?
  3. Re: Unknowingly Asked for Nude from Underage Person

    What did you actually ask? "Do you sell pics/videos"? Or did you expressly ask about nude/pornographic pictures/videos? If the latter, what possessed you to ask such a question of a person who was...
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    Service Providers: Re: No Contract Signed

    Standing? Absolutely. Does she have a valid case? Maybe. We'd need more details to assess this intelligently.

    What was the subject of the photo shoot?

    When did you book the shoot?

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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Too Old to Be Profitable

    We have no idea what abilities you have.

    You could, in theory, file a suit yourself, without an attorney, but medmal is not a good DIY area. Medmal cases are expensive to litigate, and...
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    Pets and Animals: Re: Good Faith Adoption (Private Sector)

    So, basically, this person gave you the dog. Right? Did you pay her any money in exchange for the dog?

    Whether you "feel" a certain way is not susceptible of being "correct" or...
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    Relocation: Re: Non Custodial Parent Moving Out of State


    However, as you noted, your existing decree no longer makes sense in light of the changed circumstances. If you and your ex cannot work something out, you'll need to go back to court to...
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    Service Providers: Re: Paid for Services Not Delivered

    It may be a criminal matter. The contractor was a scammer, he took the money and ran. If he took the money, started the job but never finished it, then it would be a civil matter.[/QUOTE]

    I agree...
  9. Traffic Accidents: Re: Traffic Accident-Vehicle Under Deceased Grandmother's Name

    Given that the car belongs to your grandmother's estate, what would make you think you'd be entitled to do that? Did she leave the vehicle to you in her will?

    Why? The authority conferred...
  10. Re: Can a Boat Purchase Contract Be Void if Seller Never Took Legal Ownership

    "[H]aving the 'purchase contract' voided" would be a possible remedy (and I'm not sure why you put "purchase contract" in quotes). It's not clear to my why you chose to sue for "verbal fraudulent...
  11. Thread: California Laws

    by pg1067

    Re: California Laws

    What does "my city's traffic division" mean? Unless you're talking about an officer employed by your city's police department, I wouldn't expect this statement to be reliable.

  12. Thread: Double Jeopardy

    by pg1067

    Re: Double Jeopardy

    If this was directed to me, no, I didn't read the decision; I just read which justices voted which way. That was all that was needed to have a basis to write what I previously wrote.
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    Service of Process: Re: Server Forgot to Provide Receipt

    Your post refers to two people in the third-person: "the server" (who is also apparently the "owner of the home the defendant stays in") and "the defendant." I therefore assume that you are neither...
  14. Thread: Double Jeopardy

    by pg1067

    Re: Double Jeopardy

    It's interesting who the two dissenters are.
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    Contractors and Subcontractors: Re: Harrassment on an Easement

    No one can intelligently "advise" you about anything (other than to suggest that you consult with a local real property attorney) without reading the documents relating to the easement. Are you...
  16. Re: My Dog Was Killed, Possibly in My Neighbors Yard

    You posted on a legal message board, so that suggests you're wondering if you have any sort of legal claim relating to your dog's death. You can google "maryland dog bit law" and see what it says,...
  17. Student Discipline: Re: Filing a Grievance or Lawsuit Against a School District

    Read this.

    It's written at the other site where you asked this. In a perfect world, it might not be the best first response to parental meddling about playing time, but it's something I'd get...
  18. Thread: Legal Venue

    by pg1067

    Eviction Process: Re: Legal Venue


    We have no way of knowing if you have this ability. If your intent was to ask whether you'd be required to be represented by counsel, the answer is no.
  19. Criminal Records: Re: Challenge for Petition of Actual Innocent Within Statute of Limitation

    This question is worded very poorly, but I think the answer is no. The primary holding of People v. Bedrossian is that a petition under PC 851.8 is premature if filed before the expiration of the...
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    Medical Malpractice: Re: Requirements Before Filing, Md

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    Post-Conviction Relief: Re: Guilty by Plea Overtuned

    We have yet to find a solution to: garbage in; garbage out.
  22. Driver's License Applications: Re: Taking a Driving Test in a Vehicle You Don't Own

    Huh? Abstinence is the act of abstaining from something (i.e., not doing something). It is commonly used to refer to folks who refrain from having sex. What does this have to do with you getting a...
  23. Other Professional Malpractice: Re: Dental X-Rays Taken on an Epileptic Four-Year-Old Without Parental Consent

    Any reason why you resurrected a two-month dormant thread to write nothing useful?
  24. Medical Malpractice: Re: Criteria for Attorney Taking a Malpractice Case

    An attorney being asked to take a case on contingency must believe that the fee he/she receives in the end will justify the time he/she spends on the case. For example, if the attorney believes...
  25. Class Actions: Re: What Penalty for Defending Not Serving by Rule of 5 and 25

    Bottom line: if you weren't prejudiced by a failure to serve something, then there's no remedy. If you were prejudiced, then your remedy is to seek reconsideration.
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