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    Slander: Re: Protection Order "Rules"

    Repeatedly, for weeks. No one at the helm to keep the ship steady on her course.
  2. Re: Authorized and Legally Parked Vehicle Towed on College Campus with No Warning

    I don't recall any of that in my response.
  3. Re: Authorized and Legally Parked Vehicle Towed on College Campus with No Warning

    Was your car damaged in any way? You really aren't going to get anywhere trying to file criminal charges for this. Had you suffered damages, you might have tried a civil suit but even that isn't...
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    Re: Probation Violation

    Every time they catch you two together, later on becomes later and later. You need to stay away from each other until you can negotiate a change in your probation terms. If you keep it up, one or...
  5. Dismissal: Re: Can Judge Change His Judgment Without Explanation

    If this is all related to the same case, keep all this in one thread please. It would be best if you hire an attorney given the volume of issues you are having as you are clearly out of your depth.
  6. Defamation: Re: Can You Sue for Defamation Over a True Statement

    That's just a spammer who copy/paste something someone else said in the thread.
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    Expungement and Sealing: Re: How Do I Obtain a Police Record

    They don't. They are putting spam links into the text they quoted to try and hide it from notice. This is a new trick as before they just copied and pasted from another post, probably to get their...
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    Re: How Many Shares Does 13% Equity Equal

    That's new. Guess this spammer was playing the long game.
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    Re: What Are My Legal Options Here

    Don't forget that he believed that the child his ex and her new wife had was his. Again, he seems to have accepted that one.
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    Re: Passing a School Bus - Wa

    Not that there appear to be any mods to smack your bottom but this forum does not condone advising people to commit crimes.
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    Re: My Recent Arrest

    Nothing you have stated will result in a dismissal of charges.
    Miranda is only required if you are being questioned. Even if there were a Miranda violation, the usual relief there is suppression of...
  12. Re: What Are the Children Repsonsibele for when a Person Dies

    This also assumes no one signed anything with the hospice provider agreeing to be responsible.
  13. Spousal Rights and Duties: Re: Wife's Credit History

    You are in Texas, not California.
  14. Spousal Rights and Duties: Re: Wife's Credit History

    If she is spending her money, not really. The only possible option would be to try to have her declared incompetent but that's a big hurdle to clear. If she is spending money you earned and put...
  15. Spousal Rights and Duties: Re: Wife's Credit History

    No, you do not have a legal right to those records. Any attempt to access her records using her information would be at best unethical and at worst illegal.

    Yes, she can co-sign whatever she dang...
  16. Sex Offenses: Re: Solicitation of Prostitution - the Robert Kraft Situation

    Probably the fact that as rich as he is, he could have paid more money to get the services of a more discreet service provider or gotten in-house service where he controls the environment. But as...
  17. Appeals: Re: Assist with Urgent Civil Appeal and Harassment Claim

    Based on your use of the symbol, it appears you are not in the USA. This forum is intended for discussion of legal issues in the United States only.

    You should look for a legal forum that...
  18. Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: Interlock Device Florida

    You can have an interlock and not drive. As long as it's properly installed for the requisite time period, nobody usually cares about whether you actually drive or not. It's just a formality in...
  19. Driver's License Reinstatement: Re: Suspended License . 10 Years After

    When was the judgment actually entered against you?
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    Unlicensed Driving: Re: My Son Was Recently Pulled Over for Speeding

    Is he a minor?

    Did the officer mark the No DL as correctable? If so, he should be able to get his license and just have to pay a $25 admin fee for that one.
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    Other Injuries: Re: Bed Bug Bites While in a Hotel

    You can accept their offer or start looking for an attorney to take them on in court. They are offering to cover your expenses, which is generous of them since their liability has not been...
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    Medical Issues: Re: FMLA Retsliation Discrimination

    Correct. It isn't their job.
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    Medical Issues: Re: FMLA Retsliation Discrimination

    No, the employer is not required to tell you about the ADA. It is your responsibility to know about it and invoke it if appropriate.
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Required Mandatory Overtime

    If you are a member of a union, it may also be addressed in any collective bargaining agreement.
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    Training: Re: Financial Agreement for Certification

    If there was no agreement prior to the class and it was never discussed, you are free to say no. They are then free to fire you.
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