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  1. Other Injuries: Re: Injured at Work, Now in Process of Being Fired

    you definitely need a work comp attorney.
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    Premises Liability: Re: Child Injured in Condo During Vacation

    Its almost always better to hire an attorney.
  3. Traffic Accidents: Re: Driver Caused Injuries but Has Insufficient Insurance for Damages

    You can always make an offer to settle. also there may be a claim against the insurance agent for not providing adequate coverage.
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    Parties: Re: How to Sue a Branch Office of a Bank

    If you have a claim against the branch then you most likely have the same claim against the parent company. Just sue the parent company, make sure you ask for prevailing party fees and costs, that...
  5. Traffic Accidents: Re: Traffic Accident with No Insurance but Not at Fault

    I would definitely recommend hiring an attorney in your area. Insurance companies unfortunately can do pretty much anything they want regarding deciding fault unless there is bad faith in your...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Traffic Accident Truck vs. Cattle

    I have tried cases in which escaped cattle have injured motorists. They are very difficult due to the makeup of the juries in the rural areas. They are very sympathetic to ranchers.
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Wrongful Death Caused by Hit and Run

    Does the person who was killed have uninsured motorist coverage?

    Dante Weston
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