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  1. Other Injuries: Can You Be Sued Over Accidentally Knocking Somebody Down

    A teacher's aide in a New York school was trying to speak with a student, who decided to run away. The aide followed briskly, not running, but when she went around a corner she bumped into another...
  2. Traffic Accidents: Pedestrian Hit by a Police Vehicle Responding to a Call

    A pedestrian in New York was hit by a police vehicle that was responding to a 911 call. She had a concussion and back injuries.

    How does she get her medical bills paid?

    She is continuing to...
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    Premises Liability: Can You Sue a Daycare Over Head Lice

    Can you sue a daycare center over the fact that your child was infested with head lice at the daycare, and had to have his hair cut off? The daycare center knew that another child in the center had...
  4. Discrimination: Pregnancy Discrimination in Accommodation

    A nurse in a behavioral health clinic is in late pregnancy, and she requested a reduction in the length of her shifts, which are usually 12 hours long. H.R. requested a doctor's note. The nurse...
  5. Disciplinary Issues: How Many Hours in Advance do You Have to Call Off of Work

    If you call in sick, how much advance notice can an employer require? Can they discipline you for calling in at the last minute, even if you call right after you wake up and discover that you're sick?
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    Grandparents and Third Parties: How to Keep a Child With the Family

    An unmarried father has a child, but he doesn't want to establish paternity because he doesn't want to pay child support.

    The mother recently placed the child with a friend, who is not a member of...
  7. Modification of Support: Does a Parent Who Pays Child Support Have to Report Increased Income

    A mother in Pennsylvania has discovered that her ex-husband received a promotion two years ago, and he would have received a significant raise at that time. However, he did not report the salary...
  8. Establishing an Order: Are Child Support Documents Legal if They're Not Signed by Either Parent

    If child support documents are not signed by either party, are they legal and enforceable?
  9. Giving Notice: How Much Notice Do You Have to Provide to a Month-to-Month Tenant

    A tenant in California signed a one-year lease. After the lease term, the tenant continued on a month-to-month basis. The tenant has now been in residence for three years.

    How much notice does the...
  10. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Does a Home Have to Go Through Probate to be Inherited by a Child

    A man with one son (and no spouse) died seven years ago. He did not have a will. The son now wants to clear up inheritance and title issues. Does the home (in Oklahoma) have to go through probate?
  11. Marriage: How Soon After Entry Can a Non-Immigrant Safely Marry a Citizen

    A U.S. Citizen wants to marry a fiancée who will be entering the U.S. on a F-1 visa. They intend to seek adjustment of status based on marriage. How long after she enters can they safely marry...
  12. Division of Assets: Can You Modify the Division of Military Retirement Benefits After Divorce

    After a divorce case is complete to judgment, is it possible for a servicemember to go back to court and seek modification of the division of military retirement benefits as set forth in the court's...
  13. Foreclosure: How to Get Possession After Getting a Tax Deed

    In Florida, the buyer under a tax deed is entitled to immediate possession after a five-day notice. (Florida Statutes, Sec. 197.562).

    If the buyer gives notice but the occupant does not vacate,...
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    Quiet Enjoyment: Problems With Noise Through a Wall

    A tenant of a condo in Colorado is having problems with noise coming through the wall of a neighboring condo. The landlord is sympathetic, but the neighboring condo is owned (and rented out) by...
  15. Moving Out: If You Don't Sign a Lease With New Management, Can You Leave When Your Lease Expires

    A property was taken over by a new management company. Seven months later, the occupants of a rental unit have decided that they don't like the new management company and they want to move out.
  16. Modification of Custody: How to Modify a Custody Order if You Live With Your Ex-

    A couple agreed to alternating weeks of visitation while living apart. They later attempted to reconcile, and have been living together in the same home.

    The mother is concerned about the father's...
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    Legal Permanent Residency: When Will You Get a Green Card Interview

    A couple petitioned for a Green Card for an immigrant spouse eight months ago, through the USCIS Chicago office. They also requested EAD. They have received employment authorization, but no interview...
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    Discovery: How to Figure Out Why You Got a Subpoena

    If you get a subpoena to appear in court, how do you figure out why you received the subpoena? The recipient of the subpoena does not recognize the names of the parties to the lawsuit identified on...
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    Other Offenses: Is Academic Cheating a Crime

    If a college student cheats on an exam or paper, is there ever a circumstance in which the student can be charged with a criminal offense for cheating?
  20. Heirs and Beneficiaries: What are an Absent Father's Inheritance Rights

    A child was severely injured and received a large settlement that was set up as a structured settlement. She passed away three years later, with a significant amount of money still tied up in an...
  21. Eviction Process: How to Get Your Property from a Landlord After Eviction

    After eviction is granted in New Jersey, can the landlord keep your belongings even the tenant tries to pay off the rent judgment?
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    Grounds for Eviction: Eviction After a Tenant's Dog Got Loose

    A tenant in Oregon is being evicted because her dog got loose. The dog was on a leash, but managed to slip its collar and was loose for about ten minutes. The dog is a pit bull, but it is gentle. It...
  23. Compensation and Overtime: Boss is Requiring an Employee to Work Off a Debt

    A man in Texas was arrested for a criminal charge. He has a prior felony record, and his wife couldn't afford to post bond. His boss stepped in and posted bond.

    Now the man's boss is requiring...
  24. Division of Assets: Do You Have to Pay Taxes on a Divorce Property Settlement

    A couple is getting a divorce. The husband owns real estate as separate property, and he is selling a piece of real estate in order to pay a very large sum of money (six figures) to his wife as part...
  25. Eviction Process: Can a Landlord Lock You Out After Serving an Eviction Notice

    An Illinois landlord posted a five-day notice for nonpayment of rent on the door of a tenant's unit. The landlord also changed the tenant's locks, and says that the tenant cannot re-enter the unit...
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