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  1. Re: Removal of Personal Images on Auxiliary Company Public Facebook Page

    Man, Facebook is like cancer. I don't know why so many folk prostitute their life on there. Granted, you make it what it is, but I think Facebook and Twitter just makes people so nasty.
  2. Disability and Elder Law Issues: When do Disabled Adults Get Support from Social Services

    I've never been officially diagnosed with autism. Yet I had support for years. Since I had issues with my older support workers and they don't support me today, I've had nobody else for a long time....
  3. Slander: Re: A Troll Keeps Slandering Me, As Well As Stalking Me Online!

    Well, I realize that. I'm actually considering giving up on forums soon anyway. I think my "advice string" on most of them has pretty much run its course, and I was terribly insulted that the person...
  4. Slander: Re: A Troll Keeps Slandering Me, As Well As Stalking Me Online!

    I know, but what can I do about his abusive pattern of annoying me on forums and Wikipedia? Saying things that isn't true is kind of slander. He said I was gay after I said I like TS people.
  5. Slander: Can You Sue Somebody for Stalking You and Slandering You in Online Forums

    My question involves defamation in the state of: I do not exactly, but I believe the website may be hosted in America.

    A troll signed up and spammed at some video gaming forums I have posted at...
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