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  1. Defamation: Re: Surgeon is Acting Unstable and Suicidal -- Report

    At one point last year he told me he was going crazy, needed a psych ward - and to call his mother for help. He’s in his 50s. I was scared for my safety so I got out and called his parents and told...
  2. Defamation: Re: Surgeon is Acting Unstable and Suicidal -- Report

    Then about 2 months ago, I began to feel sick and I worried I had COVID. he told me that he would NOT take me to get a test because it would expose him to the hospital and he wanted to be able to...
  3. Replies

    Re: Ein, Workshops and Covid-19 Mask Liability

    In Will County, either in incorporated or unincorporated areas, are workshops subject to IL mask regulations and the Governor's order, either at the sole proprietor level or at the commercial...
  4. Re: Removal of Personal Images on Auxiliary Company Public Facebook Page

    You likely have little real recourse. The images may have been taken at a private event but that doesn't mean there is an expectation of privacy. The images weren't taken by you so you don't own them...
  5. Thread: Car Dealer

    by EVAKATY75

    Re: Car Dealer

    I made the deal with,I was told he no longer work with the company. I made it clear to the sales man ,they.
    They do want more money put down .
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