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  1. Probation and Parole: Re: Does a Warrant for Skipping Parole in California Follow You Out of State/Country

    Folks are arrested on out of state warrants and while re-entering the country every day. Lots of them.
  2. Arrest Warrants: Re: Reentering the Country With an Arrest Warrant

    You can be subject to arrest. Here is an example:

    Look at it this way, if you have DUI convictions, Canada won't even let...
  3. Extradition: Re: Colorado - New York Extradition - Felony Charges

    There is a very real possibility you will be extradited. The extradition decision regarding the individual warrants will be made each time you are picked up. The actual extradition decision is made...
  4. Arrest Warrants: Re: Statute of Limitations on Bench Warrants on a Minor

    There is no statute of limitations on warrants. The statute of limitations only applies only to uncharged crimes. In this instance your son was charged when the warrant was issued.
  5. Arrest Warrants: Re: Passport Renewal While Abroad and Having a Pending Bench Warrant

    The Statement Department will work with local authorities to arrest people returning from overseas with outstanding warrants. Here is an example: ...
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    Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release: Re: Can a Court Tell You Where Not to Go

    The standard conditions of being released on a bail bond or pretrial release is that the defendant cannot cross state lines without the court's permission.
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    Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release: Re: Can I Get Out of Paying a Bond Being a Co-Signer in My Situation

    [QUOTE=prgirltx1969;723873]What I'm saying is if I go ahead and pay this bond, then the police, court & judge won't take me serious about the criminal charges I have against this person. The attack...
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    Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release: Re: Can I Get Out of Paying a Bond Being a Co-Signer in My Situation

    I'm afraid you can't stop paying the bail bondsman. You had a contract with the bondsman. The basic terms were that if the bondsman got the person released, you would make the payments. The...
  9. Criminal Records: Re: How Can I Find Someones Past Criminal History

    Perhaps this link to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services may be of help.
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    Arrest Warrants: Re: Flying With an Arrest Warrant

    It's not the being arrested leaving you need to be worried about. It's the being arrested coming back into the country that is more likely.
  11. Extradition: Re: Can You Get Extradited for Drunk Driving

    You are absolutely subject to being arrested on that warrant anywhere in this country and at any time. If you are arrested in another state the only question is whether the issuing jurisdiction will...
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    Initiation of Charges: Re: Can a Court File Charges Outside Court Hours in Montana

    The vast majority of judicial decision making does not occur while court is in session. Consider the Supreme Court. All of their deliberations are made in private and then the decisions are put in...
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    Domestic Violence: Re: Burglary and Strangulation

    There is no need for a warrant. Most arrests are made are made in an outright fashion without a warrant when law enforcement believes they have probable cause.

    The validity of the outright arrest...
  14. Arrest Warrants: Re: Applying for a State ID With an Out-of-State Bench Warrant

    It's possibility. Here in Indianapolis law enforcement commonly uses BMV branches as substations (they have one at the local power and light consumer center too for some reason).

    In any case,...
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    Minor in Possession: Re: Out of State MIP Violation

    If she intends to contest the charge, she needs to plan to appear in court and hire an attorney. If not, call the court and see what the options are (again after consulting with an attorney).
  16. Criminal Contempt of Court: Re: Misdemeanor Charge for Failure to Appear in Court

    Since you failed to appear (FTA) on a criminal charge, I would be more concerned with being arrested on a FTA warrant than any potential increase in fines or fees if I were you. Being arrested on a...
  17. Initiation of Charges: Re: How to Subpoena Phone Records for a Warrant Hearing/Probable Cause Hearing

    Is there some reason your local prosecutor's office can't or won't subpoena these records themselves to enter as evidence at the bail violation hearing?
  18. Arrest Warrants: Re: Do Pennsylvania Warrants Show Up at Canada Customs

    This forum deals with what US legal circumstances and not the Canadians. In any case, I would be be more concerned about the warrant showing up while re-entering the the US. At that point being...
  19. Arrest Warrants: Re: Is There a Way to Find Out if I Have a Warrant for My Arrest

    Other than asking the court that issued the warrant there is no way to answer your question for certain. Perhaps having a lawyer inquire for you may be the answer. Websites that charge payment for...
  20. Court-Appointed Lawyers: Re: Court Appointed or Retained Atty

    You can thank TV for making everyone a "expert" on anything. Pity me. I'm a bail bondsman and I've got Dog the Bounty Hunter out there acting as the face of my industry. Sometimes it seems I spend...
  21. Drug Possession: Re: Possession of a Controlled Substance, Cited Twice for One Incident

    Double jeopardy applies only to being tried. They can cite, arrest or charge more than once.
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    Criminal Investigations: Re: I Have a Big Problem

    A warrant is a order signed by a judicial officer. It does not have to be listed on a computer to be valid. In any case, it could be true that all they wanted to do is talk. If they left a number...
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    Bail, Bond and Pretrial Release: Re: No Contact Order from Marijuana Charges

    I would imagine that the bail bondsman meant the court ordered the no contact order. I have been in the pretrial release business for 30 years and have never heard of bondsman independently...
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Criminal Conversion Charges (Indiana, First Offense, Walmart)

    Since your case is in Indiana, I would ask your attorney about the possibility of participating in a diversion program. Successful completion would mean no conviction on your record.
  25. Pretrial Procedure: Re: Speedy Trial Rights When the Victim Can't Be Served

    Are you awaiting trial in custody or have you posted bail? Speedy trial rules can vary based on what the pretrial custody situation is.
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