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    Re: Being Harassed, Need to Break Lease

    I would move in and install video cameras that save footage for several days before it is overwritten. That way if the neighbor engages in further shenanigans there will be evidence for the cops or...
  2. Ownership Rights: Re: Driveway Easement How is It Actually Divided

    This is the same residence where the bank that foreclosed is only claiming that they own the mortgage and not the property?
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    Business Management: Re: Operating Agreement Breach

    Because blandiya is a bot and I'd lay good odds that an IP check would show the poster is not in the US. I have reported the posts but the mods are AWOL.
  4. Regulations and Procedures: Re: Building Permit a Neighbor Put Up a Steel Garage Snow Dumps on My Property

    Does your county have a minimum setback from the property line for structures such as sheds? Even though my county doesn't have zoning there are certain regulations we have to follow, such as a ten...
  5. Ownership Rights: Re: Shared Driveway Rights of a Squatter Living in a Foreclosed Home

    How about this as an alternate: instead of constructing a fence along the property line, write to the bank/bank's attorney to let them know you will be installing a gate across the end of the shared...
  6. Defamation: Re: Surgeon is Acting Unstable and Suicidal -- Report

    You don't know if they are true or not. All you can do is hand over the audio recordings and let the medical board investigate.

    Can he sue? Well, anyone can sue anyone for anything. Winning is...
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    Civil Rights Issues: Re: Court Needs Proof Any Suggestions
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    Civil Rights Issues: Re: Court Needs Proof Any Suggestions

    Congratulations! Bear in mind that localities are very quick to report information that will DQ you from owning a firearm, but the process to report info that will clear you is apparently slow. So,...
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    Chapter 13: Re: Complex Bankruptcy

    This is a forum for volunteers.

    You will want to retain a BK attorney if you are going to file, especially if you have a habit of pissing off judges.
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    Title Defects: Re: Easement for the Pleasure of the Community

    Have you spoken to a real-estate attorney? Even though the easement exists that should not interfere with your use of the land as long as you don't block the easement.

    You mentioned having a dock...
  11. Traffic Accidents: Re: While Driving My Motorcycle Someone Turned in Front of Me

    The NY Bicycling Coalition does have a good synopsis of their laws regarding bikes. It states this regarding passing on the right:...
  12. Re: 2 Years Since I Met My 5 Y/O Daughter, Now Mom and Step-Dad Want Me to Go Away

    This. Thanks to COVID the family and civil courts are very backed up and your attorney is probably slammed. Give the man what he needs as quickly as you can and otherwise stay out of his hair. If...
  13. Re: Business Owner Wants Me to Close Business As Ceo

    I agree. Radio silence is your friend right now. Give them nothing. If you feel you absolutely must respond I'd keep it very short, like "I am not interested in working at <company name>. Please...
  14. Re: Business Owner Wants Me to Close Business As Ceo

    Email sent is not necessarily email received. If their only method of contacting you has been via email, no phone calls, no texts, no letters, no certified/return receipt letters, then I would...
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Out of Country Vacation

    Until you answer these questions the members here can argue all they want about the dangers of international travel and the pandemic, but they can't give you good legal advice.

    FWIW you couldn't...
  16. Denial of Access: Re: As a Landlord Am I Required to Provide Internet Access (Also Another Question)

    No mention that the landlord must provide telephone, internet, or CATV utilities. So, does your...
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    Deprivation of Civil Rights: Re: State Will Enforce Masks, Social Distancing

    It wasn't hard to find.
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    Adverse Possession: Re: Building a Fence on Neighbor's Property

    You may not have liked AJ's advice but it is legally correct and practical.

    I wouldn't put up your own fence just yet. As you pointed out, if you put it up against the existing fence the property...
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    Re: Starting a New Child Support Case

    Ok so current order is out of Massachusetts, all your arrears are paid, today no one owes on either side, you live in Florida with the child, and the child's mom lives in New Hampshire.

    How long...
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    Other Injuries: Re: Insurance vs Defendant Liability

    Is this pressure coming from the estate's attorney or the defendant's attorney? Based on what AJ said in his post #3, if the defendant's attorney is saying this it sounds like a scare tactic to get...
  21. Thread: 60 Day Notice

    by bcr229

    Re: 60 Day Notice

    Look, if your daughter had been current on the rent all along and only been in trouble now because of the pandemic the management company might be willing to work with her. She is being cut loose...
  22. Rental Agreements: Re: Cosigned Lease for Daughter + Boyfreind That Expired in January Am I Responsible

    OP is certainly free to present your argument at the eviction hearing, but I would strongly advise that he have enough cash set aside to pay for the months of unpaid rent, late fees, court costs,...
  23. Rental Agreements: Re: Cosigned Lease for Daughter + Boyfreind That Expired in January Am I Responsible

    No, I am saying that it's very likely that the OP did not receive a written notice from the landlord that the tenancy would be terminated at the end of January; if she had then there would have no...
  24. Rental Agreements: Re: Cosigned Lease for Daughter + Boyfreind That Expired in January Am I Responsible

    That's not his job. If you wanted out of the lease then it was your responsibility to get your daughter and her boyfriend to all give proper written notice to terminate the lease when it terminated...
  25. Thread: Banking

    by bcr229

    Banking: Re: Banking

    Interesting. So the deposit wouldn't necessarily look like it came from the IRS but from somewhere else then. I can see that causing confusion.
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