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    Child Care: Re: Limiting Child's Abilities

    I'm curious if you are uncertain of your child's gender and, if you aren't, why are you referring to him/her using plural pronouns?

    I doubt it. Driver's ed can be done online. If Parent 1...
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    Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: Security Cameras on Private Property

    You can legally video record anything that can be observed from a location where you have a legal right to be.

    Under Connecticut law, it is a felony to record an oral or telephone...
  3. Thread: Settle Proposal

    by pg1067

    Re: Settle Proposal

    What possible difference could the answer to this question make? The question you ought to be asking (of your attorney, not a bunch of strangers on the internet who know absolutely nothing about you...
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    Estate Assets and Debts: Re: A Question About Bank Accounts

    Rather than tag a question onto someone else's thread, please start your own thread and include some facts that are relevant to your question. That said, one does not have to do anything when it...
  5. Copyright Law: Re: Using Artist Name/Song Title in Movie Dialogue The law draws the line. Those laws include copyright (which don't apply to titles of works), trademark and the right of publicity, and none of the things the OP mentioned would violate...
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    Trusts: Re: Use of Revocable Living Trusts

    Oh? I have never seen such a thing. While you can google "[name of a state] revocable living trust form," the forms you find are typically created by private individuals/entities.

    I can't...
  7. Copyright Law: Re: Using Artist Name/Song Title in Movie Dialogue

    I have little doubt that you have this ability, but I doubt that's what you actually intended to ask.

    None of the things you mentioned would trigger any sort of viable legal claim. The response...
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    Trusts: Re: Inheriting a Home Through a Trust

    As noted previously, this is not how it's typically done. Rather, it's typically done like this: "John Smith, a single man, grants the property described below to John Smith, as Trustee of The John...
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    Hiring: Re: Further Assurances signed this contract despite it containing something you didn't understand?! Yikes! I take it this means the other party drafted it, so why didn't you ask to have this provision removed or...
  10. Re: Does My Sons Dads Girlfriend Has Legal Rights to Be in School Parent Conferences

    I'm certain there are lots of things you can do.

    Assuming that "have to listen to my request" really means "honor my request and do what I want regardless of what the other parent wants,"...
  11. Establishing Paternity: Re: (Tx) Establish Paternity After 5 Years Because Ex Girlfriend Frauded Me

    The presumed father? Does that mean the mother was married at the time of conception and/or birth? If not, why is there a "presumed father"?

    By conducting legal research. You can do this...
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    Trusts: Re: Inheriting a Home Through a Trust

    No, you most certainly did not "have to say" any such pointless thing. It's awfully curious that you claim "that it was pretty clear what the OP was asking about" and yet, instead of making even a...
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    Trusts: Re: Inheriting a Home Through a Trust

    Not entirely sure what you're asking or what your concern is. You mentioned that "Person A transfer[red] title to his home from [him/herself] to 'The Person A Living Trust.'" But that's not...
  14. Defective Drugs and Medications: Re: Do Settlement Admins,lien Processors,lawyers Pay Interest

    It would be helpful if you wrote in more clear, full sentences. Your question is unanswerable because of the dearth of relevant factual information. Note that your follow-up post doesn't help at...
  15. Fences and Walls: Re: Can HOA Force Us to Share Fence Within Our Property Line with Neighbor

    Don't be so arrogant as to suppose you understand my thought process.

    What I was doing was asking questions to clarify something ambiguous. That's something that lawyers do because...
  16. Probate Court Procedure: Re: Small Estate Limit Per Individual or Estate

    The applicability of the laws governing small estates depends on the value of the estate (hence "small estate").

    I'm going to assume that "most everything" is exclusive of the vehicle, but...
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    Child Abuse: Re: Can I Live with a Friends Family

    In any future posts, please make at least some effort to use proper capitalization and punctuation. Doing so will make it easier for others to read and understand what you write.

    The starting...
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    Re: Merchant Not Returning the Gift Card

    Proofreading is your friend.

    I think what you're saying is that you bought merchandise from an online seller using a gift card and have since returned the merchandise. Correct?

    In other...
  19. Calculation of Support: Re: Oldest of Two Children Turned 18, Will Support for the Youngest Increase

    If the mother applies for child support, then the court should enter an order for support.

    It's possible that the the court will take into account your choice to support his adult child, but...
  20. Re: Dad is Leaving the Country and No Insurance

    It wouldn't be obtainable under those circumstances, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to check into that with a local attorney.
  21. Fences and Walls: Re: Can HOA Force Us to Share Fence Within Our Property Line with Neighbor

    For starters, there was a typo in my prior post, which I have now corrected. A line is a one-dimensional thing, not a two-dimensional things.

    Second, no, I don't understand what it means for...
  22. Re: Trick to Get Free Repair Work Done on House, Could This Work

    Yes, people get away with crime all the time.
  23. Re: Dad is Leaving the Country and No Insurance

    Once he is out of the U.S., there is no practical way to guarantee or enforce anything. I would strongly suggest that you retain the services of an attorney ASAP to see about placing a lien against...
  24. Fences and Walls: Re: Can HOA Force Us to Share Fence Within Our Property Line with Neighbor

    First, please explain exactly what it means to "use our fence . . . as a common/shared fence." Also, a line is a one dimensional thing that has either finite or infinite length and no width. It is...
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    Judgment Issues: Re: Withdrawal of Summary Judgment Motion

    Your post is very unclear.

    So...the sole purpose of the motion is to obtain a declaration that the invoice is "invalid"? What does "invalid" mean in this context, and of what benefit would...
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