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  1. Harassment: Re: Gm Who Likes to Scold and Shout

    1. O, yes I posted wrongly in the Sexual Harrassment forum. This is my first time here and I was a bit confusing using the forum.
    2. Slaves could not quit. You can. You are right but I do not want...
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    Starting a Business: Business Partner Suing the Other

    A join B to form business as a Developer called ABC. A owns 60% whilst B owns 40%. ABC appoints XYZ Construction which is owned by A to construct houses. Along the way, XYZ Construction got problem...
  3. Harassment: General Manager Likes to Scold and Shout

    I am working with the Branch Office. Occasionally my General Manager likes to call over to our hand phone at odd hours especially after working hours to give work pressure. Very often he got mad when...
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