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  1. Re: Neighbors Putting Speed Bumps in Shared Right-of-Way

    I don't care what the easement says, no road and utilities easement would contemplate allowing one of the easement holders to make speed bumps in an unworkmanlike manner. A couple of hicks piling up...
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    Defective Drugs and Medications: Re: Anti-Depressants Caused Me to Attempt Suicide Three Times

    I suggest you talk to your doctor about recommending medical marijuana and take it in the THC pill form. This medicine has been tested for over 4000 years and not a single person has ever died from...
  3. Drug Possession: Re: Possession of Marijuana and Paraphernalia, Second Offense, in Wisconsin

    NO!!! If you were arrested and not mirandized it all gets thrown out. This is Federal Law. Have your attorney press that and they aren't going to waste their time prosecuting a pot possession. I am...
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    Arrest Procedure: Re: Citizen's Arrest Laws

    And wait 15-20 minutes for the police to arrive, no thanks for me and mine. Call 911 toss the phone to a bystander and protect yourself!!
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    Slander: Re: Slander in Medical Records

    Not slander, perhaps medical malpractice. What you need is an ambulance chaser. My guess is a letter from an attorney will get this corrected, plus your legal fees repaid.
  6. Unlawful Presence and Overstay: Re: I Was Brought to the U.S. when I Was Under the Age of 1 Year

    This is the unfortunate fallout of illegal immigration. McCain-Kennedy attempted to resolve your issue but we have democrats and republicans and they can't agree on a reasonable way to do anything.
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    Arrest Procedure: Re: Citizen's Arrest Laws

    Concealed pistol is a great way to go. Sorry that happened to you, and you have a right to protect yourself and your belongings. I have a friend that held a guy that broke into his car at gunpoint...
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    Assault & Battery: Re: Military Member Charged With Battery

    If I get a vote, which I don't, and if I was the DA, which I'm not, I'd make a trade with the Army... You get deployed right away and I reduce your charges to misdeameanors. Your an asshole for...
  9. Breaking Up: Re: Girlfriend Wants to Kick Me Out of a House She Doesn't Own

    You may have up to 90 days to vacate. There is no reason you don't qualify for tenant eviction rights. Your name doesn't have to be on the lease for you to be a tenant. This is a very common...
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    Compensation and Overtime: Re: Wages Not Completely Paid in Virginia

    Also be careful because the govt loves arabs, the appearance of political correctness is much more important than you getting 63 hours of measly pay in exchange for your courageous work. I agree that...
  11. Health Insurance: Re: Pre-Exsisting Condition

    It's just like a tyrannical insurance company to try and squirm out of anything they can even remotely make to look like a pre-existing condition.
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    Re: Federal Income Tax Not Required

    Prior to the lower courts rulings and the CTP act of 1943, there were people who got out of paying federal income taxes and the Fed govt chose not to pursue many of them. This is one of the favorite...
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    Civil Rights Restoration: Re: Restoration of Gun Rights in Maine

    Just like the Federal government to try and keep firearms out of good people's hands. An illegal immigrant could get a gun on the street with less hassle.
  14. Re: UTITITY Company is not doing right!

    Well, now you got to follow through because you've called them and complained, in other words you've given them a non-permissive element to what will eventually be a prescriptive easement. Your title...
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    Drunk and Impaired Driving: Re: DUI, Weed, Paraphernalia, 17 Years Old

    Do you mean .0118? If you were .118 bac you just had at least 5 drinks in an hour, or roughly a 40/oz'r. So you're either not telling the whole story or had a typo.

    As for the out of control...
  16. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Caught Shoplifting at Walmart in California, PC 484(A)

    Does the City offer a pre-trial diversion program for 1st time offenses? If the Walmart was not inside city limits, see if the County has such a program. Simply go to the City or County's website,...
  17. Sex Offenses: Re: Do I Need to Report Lap Dancing Videos Involving Minors


    Out of curiosity, honest curiosity, are you manic depressive? You went from telling dankdank "**** you" and some stuff about a special place in hell, to complete reconciliation.
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Caught Shoplifting Again

    So you seem to be able to admit you have a problem and admit it is wrong... Your problem seems to be you are addicted to the thrill of stealing something. Please look into CASA:...
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    Criminal Law Issues: Re: Illegal Immigrant with Active Warrant

    So Sorry! Yea our current president is quite the apologist for the illegal immigrants. He should be deported and shot if he comes back. Talk to an attorney about any options you have to help him find...
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    Emancipation: Re: Can I Move Out at My Age

    Think it is really necessary to use that kind of language with a child who's been sexually abused and claims she tried to kill herself? The fact that this child is actually smart enough to find this...
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    Emancipation: Re: Emancipation After Pregnancy

    I am so sorry your parents pushed you to have an abortion. God bless you for taking responsibility and sticking it out. I have no doubt the pressures exerted on you took a toll on your body but I...
  22. Re: Passing on the Right Accident - Who is at Fault

    Where are the insurance adjusters in all this? You cannot be passed on the right assuming there is only one lane going in the direction you were traveling. When someone is yelling and screaming after...
  23. Re: Community's Maple Tree Roots Growing into My Yard

    This is actually not a personal property issue. Trees are generally viewed as appurtenant to the real property, especially when they are this size.

    Please consider that in Maryland it takes 20...
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    Libel: Re: Manager Commits Libel to Prevent Promotion

    So sorry you've worked so hard to just be tossed aside to satisfy some worthless manager's ego. You've likely paid for your own salary dozens of times over and have been as loyal as the day is long....
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    Hiring: Re: Do I Have a Valid Complaint

    Ah, that sucks! Just like a large company to be paranoid over nothing.
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