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  1. Deeds - Quitclaim: Re: Quit Claim, Foreclosure, New House and Divorce

    The short answer is yes. My advice is to take all paperwork related to this and give it to a competent lawyer to evaluate.
  2. Co-Ownership: Re: Bought House with FiancÚ, What Happens Now That We Have Split, in Pennsylvania

    Were you ever married? How was the deed structured? If you or your "fiancÚ" or both took out a loan how is that contract structured? My advice is to seek the advice of a competent local lawyer.
  3. Adverse Possession: Re: Adverse Possession Claim Over a Septic Field

    That would be a legal question best answered by a competent lawyer familiar with your specific locale. There is case law on both sides of this argument that varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction....
  4. Deeds - Quitclaim: Re: Quitclaiming Property From Multiple Owners to One

    A quit claim deed is relatively simple to execute. The first thing to do is locate a form with a structure that is acceptable and customary for your locale. Use a search engine to find one. Some of...
  5. Re: Neighbor Across the Street is Digging on My Easement

    I agree with the previous posters.
  6. Re: Interested in Property with Encroachment Issue

    I completely agree with previous posters. Get a real boundary survey performed then make a decision. It's just like buying a used car. Get an independent mechanic to take a look at it before you...
  7. Re: California Utility Company Easement Access

    Land Surveyor is right in my opinion.

    Sometimes a political fuss can have a better result than a legal fuss.
  8. Adverse Possession: Re: Adverse Possession Claim Over a Septic Field

    Matt Hugo ask....

    "Does anyone know the criteria that must be met to successfully obtain a "prescriptive easement" in Michigan?"

    Here is a court case that explores some of the elements...
  9. Re: California Utility Company Easement Access

    polar33 ask....

    "After confronting the man about having some common courtesy and announcing his intentions before trampling through someone's backyard, and only getting a "shove off, I have...
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    Deeds - Quitclaim: Re: Effect of Filing a Quit Claim Deed


    The QC will remove your father's name from the title.

    Yes this will change your tax status on the property.
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    Co-Ownership: Re: How Do I Change Name on Title

    Above is a way to find a notary public near you. Typically if you have a bank account you can go to your bank's office and they will perform the notary public task for...
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    Co-Ownership: Re: How Do I Change Name on Title

    If your father is still alive and willing to sign the property over to you it is a simple matter to make that happen.

    A quit claim deed would do the trick. You can down load a blank quit claim...
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    Re: Property/Fence Dispute

    My advice is to get a survey performed.

    A verbal agreement is harder to prove than a written agreement.

    The results of the survey will be crucial and If it were me I would get this going as...
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    Re: Property/Fence Dispute

    A land survey would be a good place to start.

    Without seeing the specific wording in the letter you sent it is difficult to advise you. Further you did not tell us if the response from the...
  15. Deeds - Quitclaim: Re: Lawyer Arrested Can't Get Information


    Your in the county that I posted the link to? Wow I am good. ;^)

    Are you sure you are looking in the county records for the county the property is located in?

    If so then see if you...
  16. Deeds - Quitclaim: Re: Lawyer Arrested Can't Get Information



    So how do I get a new deed in my name only?
    Do I have to do another quitclaim again.(?)

    If the lawyer filed the quit claim deed then a copy can be found at the local...
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    Re: Problems with Neighbors

    For JK
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    Re: Can I Use My Own Land when in Dispute

    My advice would be to get a survey performed by a reputable local surveyor. Once this is done the surveyor can advise you on how to proceed.

    Hope that helps.
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    Re: Problems with Neighbors


    The person who holds the easement is the dominant tenant. You have no authority or power to do anything that would impede the use of the easement as granted.

    There are certain...
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    Re: Non-Exclusive Perpetual Easement

    kp_2005 ask..

    What does "FOREVER a non-exclusive perpetual easement" mean?

    Forever means forever.

    Non-exclusive means: A status in which the rights the agreement grants to the Licensee...
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    Re: Which Survey Stands


    I agree with Land Surveyor.

    Try and contact the surveyor who performed your survey and pass a copy of the conflicting survey of your neighbor to them. Ask your surveyor to try and...
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    Adverse Possession: Re: Fence Dispute

    I agree with JK.

    The situation in Colorado has spun out of control after the case in Boulder.

    I think a lawyer should be consulted before you take any more action.

    Good luck and let us know.
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    Re: Encroachment Onto State Property


    I understand your situation and am acutely aware of it.

    Read this link and the links contained within it.

    This issue has spurred numerous lawsuits across Michigan. Primarily in the...
  24. Re: Same Surveyor/Different Property Lines


    Land Surveyor (the poster above) is giving you some good advice. If your surveyor has issued two conflicting surveys and his reply to questions about the matter are "engineering talk" you...
  25. Re: Ingress/Egress Utility Easement Problem


    I would get a copy of the survey from your neighbor and then give the surveyor of your property a copy of that. I would ask your surveyor to explain why the surveys are different. I...
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