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  1. Re: So I Started Working for a Holding Sign Company As an Independent Contractor

    Not only that, but he needs to be paying HIS share of the employment taxes for the employer and provide workman's comp. He also should seriously consider liability insurance to cover his and his...
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    Starting a Business: Re: Not for Profit LLC

    You have two issues: the IRS and California. They are somewhat independent.

    Just because you are a non-profit in California doesn't get you out of paying the franchise tax. You need to be...
  3. Title Ownership: Re: Selling a Motorcylce with a Notorized Title

    Didn't use google, I went straight to the source, the Commonwealth's pages on title transfer and the related sections of the pacs.

    But no matter how I got the answer, it's a damn sight better than...
  4. Title Ownership: Re: Selling a Motorcylce with a Notorized Title

    Because, Mr. KnowNothing, it is required in Pennsylvania that the person whose name is on the title sign the assignment in front of a notary and list the assignee. In the case of licensed dealers,...
  5. Title Ownership: Re: Selling a Motorcylce with a Notorized Title

    What does California have to do with the price of Potatoes. The poster is in Pennsylvania, and that's the only law that matters.

    As TM points out correctly (without the useless noise from Hal),...
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    Re: Tampering with Court Transcripts

    A judge can not be subject to a defamation action based on anything they issue from the bench.

    If you have a chance to appeal the issues in question, you're going to need an attorney. It will...
  7. Homeowners Associations: Re: City Requires Me to Remove Tree and Fix Pavers (Tree is Hoa's Territory)

    Actually, it's quite possible he is the owner of the tree and as far as the city is likely concerned, it's his responsibility. He may have his own course of action against the HOA.
  8. Ownership Rights: Re: Co-Owned Car with Fiancée - Relationship Ending

    Further, it doesn't make a difference in Florida. Both "and" and "or" on titles create joint ownership and the state requires both to sign any transfers.
  9. Civil Rights Issues: Re: What Laws Might Have Been Broken by the "Trump Train" in Texas

    18 USC 241 Conspiracy against rights
    18 USC 594 Intimidation against voters
    18 USC 1201 Kidnapping
    18 USC 1851 Interference with Commerce
    18 USC 2331 Terrorism.
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    Re: Mortgage W an Escrow for Property Tax

    Some locations collect property tax in advance and some in arrears. So in the case of the latter, you still owe money up until the closing. If you have been paying a mortgage that includes an...
  11. Re: Any Way to Find Out if I Am Paying Fair Market Value for a Property


    Your argument was you could bypass the commission and deal directly with the seller. That's not true. The seller is obligated to pay the brokerage commission. It makes no difference to...
  12. Re: Any Way to Find Out if I Am Paying Fair Market Value for a Property

    Sorry Harold, but your comment is bogus. That would hold true if you got to the seller before he signed a listing agreement, but in most cases, the seller is is listed and has a contract to pay 6%...
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    Re: Accident While on Restricted License

    Are you saying you were driving in violation of the restrictions?
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    Other Issues: Re: Being Sponsored

    Yes, she needs to make 125% of the poverty level for the size household involved. If it's just the two of you, that's around $22,000 now I believe.

    While you technically can do this without a...
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    Non-Performance and Breach: Re: What Legal Recourse Do I Have

    Just because they haven't delivered doesn't necessarily make it criminal theft. Even if it was criminal, that won't necessarily get your money back.
    Georgia small claims is good up to $15,000. ...
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    Execution of Deed: Re: Remainderman and Life Tenancy Rights

    Your terminology is imprecise with 'added to the deed.'. If she deeded the property to you and your brother and retained a life tenancy, then she can't sell it. She can rent it out or otherwise...
  17. Motions: Re: Consequences of a Motion of Withdrawal by My Attorney

    We certainly can't venture into what your attorney's motivations are. My previous answer was a guess.

    Withdrawing from the case doesn't "let him off the hook" for any previous misconduct. ...
  18. Re: Non Custodial Took My Son to Get Driver's Permit Without My Permission nor Knowle

    The DMV should not have issued the permit. It takes the signature of the custodial parent (or both parents in the case of joint custody). A parent can revoke the provisional permit in...
  19. Motions: Re: Consequences of a Motion of Withdrawal by My Attorney

    The mere fact that your attorney withdrew won't be used against you, though the supporting reasons may. However, I don't see anything in the generic reasons stated that would give any cause.

  20. Thread: Deed

    by flyingron

    Re: Deed

    Now that we have the formalities out of the way, what is the question?
  21. Grounds for Eviction: Re: Can a Tenant Be Evicted/Arrested Immediately if the Unit is Not Legal

    If the space is so uninhabitable that the municipality condemns it, you can be kicked out without even an "eviction" process. Arrest isn't going to happen unless you persist and defying the legal...
  22. Divorce: Re: My U.S. Citizen Spouse Won't File My Immigration Papers

    I agree with AJ. If you putative husband isn't going to put forth the effort to adjust your status, you're in a world of hurt. You don't get any rights for just being married to a US citizen.
  23. Re: Local Impound Yard Won't Release My Vehicle Without a Current Inspection Sticker

    Is this a municipal lot or a private yard?
  24. Re: Exempt Employee Furlough Guidelines California

    What "year" they are in is largely immaterial. If they were back to back, then it would seem they should be treated as a termination under the commissioner's decision.

    As for the transfer to...
  25. Re: Exempt Employee Furlough Guidelines California

    There's no rule that says they can't reduce your salary below the exempt limit, it just means you cease to be exempt at that point (hence, due overtime, etc...). If they're furloughing you,...
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