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    Getting Fired: Can I Be Fired After Someone Lied About Me

    I am professional in my attitude at work, and an issue came up where I had to communicate with a co worker about THEIR behavior. The response from this person was that they were going to get me...
  2. Harassment, You've Never Heard One Like This

    The work setting:
    I work at a major store chain's distribution center. The work group is a composite of two main logistics companies: The union workers, and the non union workers. I am employed by...
  3. Amend the Records

    It is unconstitutional to Not allow an employee to respond to slander. I too have seen this type of corporate slander. The employee, if having worked in an extreemely hostile work place, must be...
  4. White Male in an All Hispanic Workplace

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Oregon

    I was given a three day suspension based on false information x-fered from co-worker to Superintendent. The Superintendant...
  5. Do I Have a Case for Harassment, Defamation or Wrongful Termination

    My question involves defamation in the state of: Oregon

    I am a white male who has been employed by a company with 99% hispanics. The managment is also hispanic. This company works as a sub...
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