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    by joef

    Traffic Lane Violations: Re: 21657 21750

    The solid yellow line (either single, solid double or solid/dashed) is an official traffic control device which designates only the lanes to the right of the line as approved for traffic proceeding...
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Wa Contested Hearing Gameplan

    Congratulations on getting a more desirable outcome. That should save the insurance premium increase from a speeding ticket.
  3. Impound: Re: Can't Afford Impound Fees, Have Title but Not in Our Name and Need Paperwork from

    While I am sympathetic to your situation and how it can be hard to make ends meet financially, you are in a tough spot. You will not have access to the car either to retrieve items or release it...
  4. Careless Driving: Re: Neg.driving 2

    One problem the OP faces is that in WA the standard for guilt is only the preponderance of evidence on traffic infractions. The destruction of a sign on the side of the road is a indication that...
  5. Careless Driving: Re: Neg.driving 2

    Since this is Washington, file for discovery for the officer’s statement. The only evidence will be that statement, officer will not be present unless you subpoena him. As jack said bring...
  6. Re: Can a Passenger Get Ticket for Unattended Vehicle

    Looks like it is for violating Maryland state laws - Sec. B(2). I wonder if it makes a difference since it is a state law and not a local ordinance about issuing the ticket to a person...
  7. Discovery: Re: Shoreline Contested Hearing

    Section 1. i references 4 or more lanes and you need to move over. Section 1. iii says if you canít move over, yield and slow down. How much to slow down is not defined and usually drivers and...
  8. Traffic Court Issues: Re: Challenge or Deferral of Speeding Ticket in Wa

    In WA the officer will not be present unless you subpoena them. The only evidence generally presented is the officer,s sworn statement so video/photo evidence is rarely presented.
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    Sex Offenses: Re: Solicitation of Prostitution - the Robert Kraft Situation

    Reasonable suspicion is not enough to prosecute, convict and hold accountable those operating the presumed sex slave operation. It is only enough to get permission to collect more evidence towards...
  10. Discovery: Re: Received My Rod (Request for Discovery) Now What Vancouver, Washington

    The officer does not state that the unit was tested AFTER the stop as well as before the stop. Unless I am wrong that should be enough for dismissal. Otherwise it looks good to me.
    You would...
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    Determination of Fault: Re: Ticket After Accident Caused by Black Ice

    Since it had recently snowed, black ice is a hazard to reasonably anticipate. That the officer discussed this with her means she admitted to losing control on black ice. The basic speed law is that...
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    Re: Arrest Rights of Convicts

    Your question is confusing. A convicted felon is someone who previously has been convicted or pled guilty in court to a felony. After that point there are three possible conditions, serving a...
  13. Speeding Tickets: Re: Visual Estimate and Pacing

    Actually you have a good way out on this one. He states that the radar was checked with tuning forks but not that HE checked it or has other personal knowledge of the test. Therefore the testing of...
  14. Speeding Tickets: Re: Both Moving Mode and Stationary Mode Used in Radar Speeding Ticket

    The time of testing with tuning forks is your best argument against radar, IMHO. The problem I see is the quoted statement which I interpret as meaning he paced you and used his speedometer to...
  15. Speeding Tickets: Re: Both Moving Mode and Stationary Mode Used in Radar Speeding Ticket

    You can use your argument but don’t be surprised if it fails, he claims multiple measurements of your speed so if some are disallowed, one of the others may be accepted. I expect he can go from 0 to...
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding Ticket Discovery

    Good job. Congrats on getting the dismissal.
  17. Hearings and Trials: Re: Trial in 2 Days, What Should I Do

    In WA the officer shows up only if subpoenaed by the defendant. The only evidence presented by the state is the officer's statement. There is no one to cross exam unless the defendant subpoenas the...
  18. Hearings and Trials: Re: Trial in 2 Days, What Should I Do

    Read all of RCW 46.61.425. It must be a road with one lane of traffic in each direction. That is not the case here, so it does not apply. You must also demonstrate that the officer's car was going...
  19. Hearings and Trials: Re: Trial in 2 Days, What Should I Do

    If you drove through the section near the SR16 interchange, that is the 40mph stretch he clocked you in. That section is well marked in both direction on streetviewmap so if you did not know the...
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding Ticket Discovery

    The officer will not appear unles you subpoena him, do not do this or he can clarify that he did the testing. As free9man said, it has a shot but the judge might not buy your argument.
  21. Speeding Tickets: Re: Red Light Running Accusation Turns to Speeding Accusation?

    In WA for traffic tickets the standard for conviction is preponerance of evidence, not reasonable doubt so casting doubt is not enough. Your only real hope is to argue the lack of identifying the...
  22. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding Tickets + Following Too Closely

    It is to exchange information. Reasonable and prudent at 60 mph is about 6 car lengths with good weather and road conditions, longer if not. 2 car lengths is not reasonable or prudent. You would...
  23. Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding Tickets + Following Too Closely

    The document in question is the sworn police officer statement which in WA state for a traffic ticket is the only evidence which is normally presented by the prosecution. Unless subpoenaed by the...
  24. Speeding Tickets: Re: Trial by Written Declaration Advice - Violating CVC 22349(A)

    #1 I would redact personal information in the citation.
    #2 I would file for Discovery to obtain the Officer's notes and Radar/Lidar information to know what his side of the story is.
  25. Speeding Tickets: Re: City Administrative Citation

    This looks really hard to beat. It is an administrative fine so the state and insurance companies should not see this ticket. It also means it avoids the courts and the legal rules they follow. ...
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