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  1. Heirs and Beneficiaries: Re: May an Administrator Distribute Property to the Heirs of a Deceased Devisee

    It should be distributed to the estate of the deceased beneficiary as it is the rightful recipient of the deceased beneficiary's share. It's not up to the new administrator of the other estate to...
  2. Recovery of Premises: Re: She Won't Pay, but She Won't Move Out Either. Isn't That a Crime

    It is indeed a business transaction. But when the business is providing housing to others then the transaction is a landlord-tenant arrangement. And when the tenant does not pay up as promised that's...
  3. Disputing Debts: Re: Late "Fees" Not Late Payments, Showing Up on Credit Report, Paid Off All Payments

    As long as what the creditor reports to the CRA is accurate there will be no FCRA violation. Any amount that you owe — whether principal, interest, or fees — that is not paid timely may be reported...
  4. Discovery: Re: Can a Lay Person Appointed Attorney-In-Fact Take an Oath on Behalf of Principal


    The person in question is apparently signing responses for the defendant. There are two problems with that. First, the person signing can only attest to things for which he or she has...
  5. Federal Taxes: Re: Filing Status (Married Filing Separately vs Jointly)

    No. The rules are the same as for 2018. See IRS publication 501 for the details on the requirements for each filing status.

    I don't know what you mean by "exemptions on Social Security"....
  6. Service of Process: Re: Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement

    1. If a required payment has not been made then the contractor has not complied with the terms of the agreement.
    2. As I understand the facts, the agreement you have was not the result of a...
  7. Foreclosure: Re: Taxation on Short Sale After Foreclosure

    Was the mortgage debt discharged in the bankruptcy? Is the home your principal residence? What are your total debts and assets now, including the house and mortgage, and what is the current market...
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    Re: Jury Trial vs Judge in City Court

    Well, you just told us that it will be your testimony versus the officer's testimony. That means the outcome would turn on whether your testimony and your cross examination of the officer would be...
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    Divorce: Re: Divorce (Freezing Assets)

    I'm surprised that you got that wrong, Jack, considering that you live in a community property state. Community property is a system in which both spouses own an interest in the community property....
  10. Background Checks: Re: I Wasn't Offered a Position, but a Background Was Completed Regardless

    I disagree. The disclosure you quoted, read literally, said they could run the background check at any point UNTIL you were hired. It quite clearly indicated that the report would be run while they...
  11. Background Checks: Re: I Wasn't Offered a Position, but a Background Was Completed Regardless

    If they had not run it yet and you told them clearly "I don't want the job" they'd not have done it. It costs money to run the background check and they are not going to do it on a candidate that has...
  12. Background Checks: Re: I Wasn't Offered a Position, but a Background Was Completed Regardless

    Read literally, the part you bolded says that they will conduct a background check UNTIL you are hired, meaning that they will do it before you are hired, not after. While I would have written that a...
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    Traffic Accidents: Re: Injured by a Drunk Driver

    Once again, you are from the UK posting on a board that is focused on U.S. law. You won't get clients from these boards. Go find a UK law board to spam.
  14. Civil Rights Issues: Re: Can a Cop Blue Light You and Issue a Ticket While in Your Driveway

    The Mississippi statutes don't seem to address jurisdiction to pull you over and write a ticket, but they do address jurisdiction to arrest, and those statutes provide that where they cop sees you...
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    Re: Search and Seizure

    Yelling at judges is a not a smart thing to do. You need to keep your anger in check when dealing with others, especially judges and law enforcement people. Unchecked anger is what gets a lot of...
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    Other Injuries: Re: Slip and Fall Injury

    Well, those figures might be accurate for the UK (I wouldn't know) but these boards focus on law in the U.S. and if the OP is in the U.S. those figures will not be at all helpful.
  17. Re: Followup Thought I Purchased a Townhome with a Detached Garage

    Again, the state matters. In some states, lawyers are allowed in small claims court.

    Now you're getting in the spirit of it. :D
  18. Re: Followup Thought I Purchased a Townhome with a Detached Garage

    California is a famously liberal state, and does go a bit farther in finding silence as a form of fraud or misrepresentation than other states. But even the California cases do not say that the...
  19. Police Conduct: Re: Is Evidence Tampering Common and Accepted

    No. If the police are "certain" a subject committed a crime but don't have the evidence to prove it then their certainty is misplaced because it isn't based on evidence, it's based on something else,...
  20. Re: Pros and Cons of Selling a House in Probate

    That was my thought too, that it was likely posted by someone simply doing marketing for his firm and not by Mr. Burr himself. Lawyers who hire people to market for them should be very careful as to...
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    Re: Changing Employee Classification

    But if the opinion is essentially the same as what another has posted, what value is there in writing up an entire post that says the same thing? Instead, simply stating agreement (or hitting that...
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    Deductions from Pay: Re: Company Car and Privacy

    That or perhaps for some reason he is unable to manage the site for some reason, whether because of health or whatever.
  23. Re: Pros and Cons of Selling a House in Probate

    A quick Google search suggests that Mr. Burr's probate law firm is in Nevada and there is nothing on the firm web site that indicates they practice at all in California. If the person posting for the...
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    Re: NYC Police at Fault Auto Accident

    You don't file a claim with the city's insurance. Indeed, the city may be self-insured. You file a claim with the city itself. If the city has an insurer it will notify that insurer itself.

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    Re: Changing Employee Classification

    Some active moderation of the site. But, as far as I can tell, the moderators here have mostly been MIA for quite some time.
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