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  1. Re: Do I Have to Say I Was Fired Should I Not Be Honest Please Read

    Why should that concern you? Even if they did find out, which is quite unlikely, they can't legally make employment decisions on the fact that you took a disability leave.
  2. Animal Injuries and Dog Bites: Re: What to Do if Someone is Suing You for a Possible Dog Bite and Story is a Lie

    Turn everything over to your homeowners or renters insurance and let them handle it.
  3. Ownership Rights: Re: Seller Wants Personal Property Left on Premises Back After Closing

    What did the police say when you reported his trespass/break-in on/into your property?
  4. Easement Use and Enforcement: Re: New York - Enforceability of Right-Of-Way Restrictions

    I doubt if that clause will restrict what you do with your adjacent properties.
  5. Nuisance: Re: Hazardous Rocks at Edge of Driveway by Property Line

    These stones on your neighbor's property? In the event that they are you could figure out how to drive and not run into things on another person's property.
  6. Re: Can I Stop My Mentally Insane Former Landlord from Renting

    Your posting history recommend that you truly need to release this as of now. Harping on this issue isn't useful for your very own emotional well-being.
  7. Re: Check Made Out to the 'Estate Of.' Bank Won't Accept Small Estate Affidavit to Op

    Go to an alternate bank.
  8. Replies

    Re: Land Tract Includes County Road

    They don't possess the street. Should the district each forsake the street it would return to the land proprietor.
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