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  1. Slander: Re: Quote-Mining Social Media and a Serious Breach of Trust

    And me!
  2. Re: Wife’s Ex Sister In-Law. Nephew/Grandson Visitation

    What *could* be a better plan of action than court would be to be as helpful as possible. Offer to watch the child so Mom can get a break. Offer to help with transportation to activities. And so on....
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    Spousal Support and Alimony: Re: Models of Support Agreements

    Remarriage/cohabitation can certainly affect alimony, but should not affect child support - her new partner has no legal responsibility to support your children.

    Most states have CS guidelines...
  4. Relocation: Re: Can My Ex Stop Me from Moving Away with Our Child, to Work with a New Employer

    I dunno. At 11ish, both of mine were okay to leave alone for a few hours (one more than the other, but still...).

    In the situation OP has indicated if Dad is available and the timeshare is...
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    Spousal Support and Alimony: Re: Child Support After Age 18

    The saying is actually the other way around. "The pot calling the kettle black."

    Sometimes, being pedantic is a necessity. ;)
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    Re: Federal Student Loan Law

    Yeah, fella! How dare you try to teach a man to fish!
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    Grandparents and Third Parties: Re: Grandma Visitation Case in New York

    Given the situation, I'm going to suggest that you go to any lengths possible to schmooz Mom. If you file for court-ordered visitation and lose? I can almost guarantee she will deny you contact...
  8. Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Father Requesting Joint Custody to Avoid Paying Child Support

    Oh boy. Congrats on finding a lawyer who's telling you what you want to hear, with just enough reality to keep it real.

    * Yeah.... no. A court will not give much weight to an 8yo's opinion....
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    Custody and Visitation Issues: Re: Visitation Court Order is Flawed

    And what is the conflict of interest?
  10. Thread: Divorce

    by jumanji

    Re: Divorce

    Do you mean that you aquired the assets prior to marriage?
  11. Re: A Child with Autism and an Incapable Non Custodial Parent

    Especially over pizza.

    If this illiterate and uncouth person is so horrendous, why did you choose to have a child by him? Honest question.
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    Adoption of Children: Re: Adoption of Child by Unmarried Person

    Hopefully Dadalso filed against your granddaughter for contempt for denying court-ordered parenting time.
  13. Modification of Custody: Re: Other Parent Has a CPS Safety Plan in Place in His Home, is This Grounds to Modif

    How old are the other daughters?

    The devil is in the details as to whether he will be considered a danger to your 2yo.
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    Re: Tricked into Child Support

    I meant before they married. (and yes, they're now divorced.)
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    Re: Tricked into Child Support

    Was my LeTourneau question removed? In line w/teen dads (even as victims of statutory rape) being ordered to pay CS?
  16. Re: Mother is Not Following Order After Final Visitation Order

    Dude - how do you think other divorced parents manage having to work? It's called daycare or summer camp (in summer, duh). It's not all happy, fun, play time, being a parent.

    YOU want to take him...
  17. Thread: Divorce

    by jumanji

    Re: Divorce

    It's funny how pendulums work. For years, centuries even, men "owned" their wives and children (look up "chattel", son). When hubs wandered, wifey was expected to put up with it. And if hubs decided...
  18. Re: Mother is Not Following Order After Final Visitation Order

    Or, take him for the month you're given and arrange for care while you work as other divorced parents do. THEN you can enforce the transportation part of your order. It isn't that complicated.
  19. Re: Mother is Not Following Order After Final Visitation Order

    I don't talk to people who scream at me, either.

    But thank you for an amusing Sunday morning!
  20. Re: Non Custodial Parent with Supervised Visitation Moves Out of State

    Only if that is how the court ordered his parenting time to work. Mom is not necessarily the supervisor.
  21. Re: I Want to Have a Video Document of My Kids to Prepare for Evidnce at Hearing

    Thing is, if you want your kids to be "witnesses" for you, either via video or in-person, you should bear in mind that Mom has the right to cross-examine them. The court would take a dim view of it,...
  22. Student Discipline: Re: Filing a Grievance or Lawsuit Against a School District

    I'm willing to bet Jeff's snowflake did plenty of whining, too.
  23. Student Discipline: Re: Filing a Grievance or Lawsuit Against a School District

    I've known more than a few HS and college athletes. Whining about play time is rarely taken well (no one thinks they play enough), and often leads to the whole team running. Frankly, I'd bet your...
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    Prenuptial Agreements: Re: Asset Disclosure to the Attorney

    So are doctors. Do you hesitate to disclose information to them?
  25. Thread: Guardianship

    by jumanji

    Re: Guardianship

    And what is your question?
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