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  1. Modification of Custody: Re: Mother Getting Married, but Wants to Keep Half Custody with Child

    If you don't want to change the order then what is your question? Are you asking if you should marry a guy with a criminal record? If you do decide to try to get full custody his and your record will...
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    Premises Liability: Re: 3yo Injured in Condo During Vacation

    It's possible that with the bedroom balcony door not being used as much the stopped was placed in there.

    I think you're responsible for watching your child. These things happen and trying to sue...
  3. Drug Possession: Re: In Need of Help, Will This Ruin My College Plans

    You admitted to an officer that you were smoking weed earlier so they had no reason NOT to charge you. It is well within their rights to tack on charges after investigating the incident. I'd get a...
  4. Computer Crime: Re: Early Termination of Sex Offender Registration

    Your question is covered by RCW 9A.44.141. If I'm reading it correctly it seems that your first move would be to contact your county sheriff and request a removal. They will take it from there.
  5. Failure to Yield: Re: How to Fight a Ticket in a Small Alaska Town, Seward, Purely Based on Witness Rep

    Do you really want to go to Alaska to fight a traffic ticket? Of course the police are going to believe residents over tourists.

    There should be a box on the back of your ticket that allows you to...
  6. Smoking Light Cigarettes May Be Harmful to Your Health

    The Minnesota Supreme Court decided that the Masters agreement of 1998 between 48 states and tobacco companies overrides anyone trying to sue tobacco companies for deceptive marketing of light...
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    Speeding Tickets: Re: Speeding in a School Zone

    If you travel to and from work every day then you must know your job is located in the middle of an active school zone so that explanation about the sign being behind you is not going to fly in...
  8. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: What Are the Consequences of Getting Caught Stealing

    If you are 16 judges do like to see remorse so I would write a letter of apology and take it with you to court. I don't know if you can get your own lawyer at your age. Try to talk to your parents...
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    Theft and Larceny: Re: Theft Discovered During Final Walk Through

    They left and you didn't do a walkthrough before taking them to court? I'm not sure you'd have a case because anyone could have come in and taken those items (or at least that's what their attorney...
  10. Other Violations: Re: How Can Hit and Run Be Charged for a Single Car Accident

    There is also the fact that he's on parole and is under stricter guidelines for behavior. You said that he did everything he could to get in touch with the deputy. He was asked to call the...
  11. Theft and Larceny: Re: Caught and Charged with Theft As Passenger in Car While Driver Stealing Used Tire

    In Tennessee a Class A Misdemeanor carries a penalty of not more than 11 months and 29 days AND/OR a fine of $2500. Unless the employee is willing to come forward and he has the authority to give all...
  12. Guardianship: Re: How Do I Get Custody of My Niece if She is in Kansas and I in Nevada

    Why doesn't she want to be with her grandmother? Did the state remove her and place her in the grandmother's care? If the state is involved you would have to contact the girl's caseworker. If the...
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    Probate Court Procedure: Whose Responsibility to Report Death

    When someone dies whose responsibility is it to report their death to various banks and creditors? It seems like the best thing to do, if you know their ATM pin, would be to clean out the account and...
  14. Towing: Re: Illegally Towed from Visitor Lot I Have a Permit

    Is there a big parking lot that you usually park in? That looks like almost an enclosed area so I'd have to see what other areas are available for you. Depending on what the usual area looks like an...
  15. Drug Possession: Re: Chances Possession of Marijuana Charges Will Be Dropped Florida

    In Florida possession of under 20 grams is a First Degree Misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1000. Since you had so little I very much doubt you are looking at...
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    Disabilities and Accommodation: Storage Units Routinely Flooded

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Indiana

    My building is constantly being flooded in the basement where our storage units are. It is so bad that I have to keep all of my...
  17. Lights, Signs and Traffic Controls: Re: Will This Turn Result in an Illegal Left Turn Ticket

    I need more information. What was the ticket for? Did you make an illegal left? I don't think I've ever seen double-yellow lines through an intersection.
  18. Assault & Battery: Re: Recently Charged with an Assault and Battery 243 E-1

    I would get a lawyer and take your girlfriend with you when you see him/her. It sounds like overkill to me. Is it possible one of her friends that was with her told a slightly different story of your...
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    Death Penalties Raising No Eyebrows

    Have we become so used to the violence on TV that someone getting the death penalty is no longer news? Arizona just approved their fifth execution this year. That amazes me because it seems excessive...
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    Settling a Debt: Re: Filling Paperwork

    What do you want to have yourself added as? It sounds like you both are being sued. I think you should look over the contract you signed at the beginning of the year because there is probably a...
  21. Business Issues: Re: Invoicing My Clients Client Directly As My Client Did Not Pay

    I can't find any case in which a subcontractor can bill the client directly. Your contract is with the contractor and not with the site. The site doesn't know you from Adam. You can hire a lawyer to...
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    Appeals: Re: Is it Worth it to Appeal a Speeding Ticket

    Do you have a lot of points on your license already? Do you really want to risk going to court and saying the judge screwed up over just a traffic ticket? If you're asking for people's personal...
  23. Collection Lawsuits: Re: Confession of Judgement for Credit Card Debt Trial

    Another way to look at it is because there was a case on the docket something had to be written and they would not have put settled. She did not win and so the judgement is against her.
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    Churches As Sanctuary

    Do churches still offer sanctuary? Does that mean the police cannot enter one to arrest someone? Would it be possible to go into a church and refuse to leave without a lawyer present?
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    Arrest Warrants: Endorsed Warrants

    Has anyone ever heard of an endorsed warrant? It allows the police, after serving the warrant, to sign off on it and let the person go with the promise to appear in court. It bypasses the court and...
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