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  1. Pretrial Procedure: Local Rules, Law or Games Play for the Court

    Are local municipal court rules binding law, or just guidelines for the court?

    Assume the local rules do not violate any constitutional law, state law or federal law.
  2. Pretrial Procedure: Re: Ohio Local Rules - Are They Law or Just "Guidelines"

    Please read the initial post carefully before posting responses.

    Local Rule 10: (motions)
    "Opposing party may file a response to a motion within 14 days from the service of the motion. ... Issues...
  3. Pretrial Procedure: Are Local Court Rules Binding or or Just "Guidelines"

    Are local rules law, or only guidelines that the court can change at will and ignore?

    Can the court, after a deadline per local rule, sua sponte, give more time to respond to a motion when the...
  4. Pretrial Motions: Re: Ohio Law Motion Against Client Directive Not to

    There are multiple reasons to fire him, but the disreegard for my directive may have pushed it over the top.

    If I fire the attorney, can I reserve the right to speedy trial and gain those days? ...
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    Pretrial Procedure: Municipal Court Local Rules

    I have looked for "local rules" of the court and only find the for the Court of Common Pleas.

    Do the Rules of the Court of Common Pleas also apply to the Municipal court as well?

    Does the...
  6. Pretrial Motions: Defense Lawyer Filed a Motion Against Defendant's Wishes

    A contract clause gives the client the final say on all actions that affect the rights of the client with the case.

    The Defense attorney submitted a motion to continue a trial against the verbal...
  7. Pretrial Procedure: Continuance Granted Just Before Court

    The judge granted a continuance 5 days before trial. It on the court docket record weeks before, that the case was already beyond speedy trial limits.

    Is there an Ohio criminal court law or...
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    Pretrial Motions: Re: Motion to Dismiss Under Ohio Law

    Thanks for the tip BOR. I will look online and try, as you recommend, going to a local library to review the ORC.

    My best to you and yours for the support you offered.
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    Pretrial Motions: Re: Motion to Dismiss Under Ohio Law

    The offense is an M2. I understand the 90 day limit, and the tolling for time.

    If you know of case references that indicate indolence for lack of deciding a motion that would help.

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    Pretrial Motions: Re: Motion to Dismiss Under Ohio Law

    The offense is misdemeanor.

    Please advise where to reference time limits.

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    Pretrial Motions: Motion to Dismiss Under Ohio Law

    I have filed a motion to dismiss on speedy trial grounds.

    The state and court continues to find reasons to delay, and is not responding or moving forward regarding the motion.

    What is the time...
  12. Trials: Re: Speedy Trial and Rules of Superintendence

    Mr. Knowitall,

    I see that you have pointed out some persuasive references.

    The court set my date on the docket for a date they knew 22 days in advance was "older", one criteria for pushing mine...
  13. Trials: Speedy Trial and Rules of Superintendence

    I did not wave my right to speedy trial, and for a 2nd degree misdemeanor the speedy trial limit is 90 days in the state of Ohio.

    My trial date was moved." THE CASE IS ORDERED SCHEDULED OUTSIDE OF...
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    Trespassing: Re: Vandalism Damage to Tires

    Do I read this correctly?

    If the vehicle is a personal car, then vandalism does not apply?

    2909.05 Vandalism.

    (B)(1) No person shall knowingly cause physical harm to property that is owned...
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    Trespassing: Vandalism Damage to Tires

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Ohio

    I was accused of cutting the tires of a persons truck in Ohio. I was with other people at the time, so feel confident I will not be...
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