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    Civil Rights Issues: Re: App Based Discrimination

    Stop reporting "racism" in this thread. You are not the victim of racism. Your civil rights are not being violated - not by Ron's snarky comment, not by the existence of the app. Knock it off.
  2. Re: I Have Been Unjustly Banned from a Windows Software Forum

    I expect it's more a result of you being annoying.

    Monitoring you to ensure you don't get up to shenanigans is giving me a headache. Out you go.
  3. Re: My Husband is Charged for Domestic Violence but I Was Not Hurt

    That's nice, dear.

    Why don't you go somewhere else to play, and let the grownups talk in peace? Off you go.
  4. Burglary: Re: Took Ex-Roommate's Computer for Revenge, Charged With Burglary

    No. Read the rules the next time you plan to publicly confess to a crime
  5. Re: Why Doesn't Family Court Consider the Cause of Divorce in Determining Custody

    1) You don't get to decide who responds to you in a public forum.

    2) She may not be your referee, but I AM. Knock off your attitude, or go elsewhere. The way out is the same way you came in.
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    Domestic Violence: Re: Domestic Assault, Mother and Son

    ...aaaand you're quite finished here.
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Desperate for Help Court in the Morning-Retail Fraud at U Scan

    Harriet, you're out of line. Knock it off. This is your only warning.
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    Re: I Think Its the End of the Line for Me

    One assumes you also expected to have the BanHammer dropped on your head, then.

    Don't play games with my volunteers. They're too busy giving help to people who haven't decided to lie to them.
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    Re: Kid May Be Mine but She is Married

    Aw, look who have matching IP addresses!

    You can pretend to be the Mama, the Husband, or the Babydaddy, it's not going to change the answer. Regardless, my users don't have the time for...
  10. Re: I'm Married So Who is Her Father

    Aww, look who have matching IP addresses!

    You can pretend to be the Mama, the Husband, or the Babydaddy, it's not going to change the answer. Regardless, my users don't have the time for...
  11. Criminal Law Issues: Re: Immigration to Us and Juvenile Record

    A claim of being a US citizen, a claim of being in New Jersey, a smart mouth, and an IP address in SERBIA.

  12. Re: Custody Different Than Residential Responsibilities

    No, that's not how things work - we don't take orders from 14 year-olds. Or anyone else, for that matter.
  13. Behavior Issues: Re: Where Do We Stand

    One wonders how much good you think Ohio law is going to do for you, since your IP address indicates that you're posting from the United Kingdom.

    US law is not applicable in the UK. Lying to us...
  14. Estate Assets and Debts: Re: Being Kicked Out of the House We Lived in for 33 Years

    I'll be the judge of that.

    Tone it down, I haven't asked for your assistance.
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    Emancipation: Re: Getting Emancipated in Utah

    Kid, I banned you once for being disruptive. Now I've banned you AND your IP. That means you're not welcome here.


    Thread's over, folks. Nothing to see here.
  16. Re: An Odd Situation

    You kids with your entitlement attitudes are on my last nerve today.

    Out you go, sweet pea.
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    Homicide: Re: Willful, Deliberate, Premeditated Murder

    Oh, honey, no. That's not how you get volunteers to help you.

    It's how you get shown the door, though. Off you go.
  18. Computer Crime: Re: Child still in jail and they won't let him out until the school upgrades their co

    We don't do hypotheticals. My volunteers don't have time to waste on hypotheticals.
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    Education Law Issues: Re: Creationism vs Evolutionism

    Yes, yes you should have.

    We don't help religionists grind their axes here.
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    Re: Child in Jail - Do I Still Pay Support

    Then go to tend to that properly, instead of being a jackass to my users.

    Off you go.
  21. Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Civil Demand for 200 Dollars after Shoplifting in Ohio

    If you're unhappy here, feel free to leave any time.

    Continue to make a fool of yourself here, and I'll be happy to escort you to the door myself.
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    Child Abuse: Re: How to Help My Granddaughter

    Nobody forced you to come here to begin with.

    Welcome to Banville. Enjoy your stay.
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    Retail Fraud / Shoplifting: Re: Caught Stealing By Macy's in Minnesota

    Done and done.

    Please, please, please, if anyone gets threatening PMs or a thread has gone crazy in the middle of the night, send a note to

    It triggers an alert to my...
  24. Expungement and Sealing: Re: Disclosing Sealed Records to Law Schools and the Bar

    Oh, my word, child.

    Do be quiet.
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    Guardianship: Re: Contested Adoption Based on Abandonment

    Once more, for our users playing along at home who have failed to read the threads in the section entitled Using The Forum:

    When you write to demand deletion, you will be sent the link to...
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