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  1. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Choosing Locations for Exchange of the Child Between Parents

    Think about the reason for the Mon dinner visit; it is to make sure there is not a long time between visits. If it is as you claim that he would get the Mon after his weekend, on your weekends he...
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    Legal Permanent Residency: Re: Marrying My Girlfriend Who is on B2 Visa

    Are you a US citizen? If not, what is your status?
  3. Adoption of Children: Re: Failure to Exercise Visitation as a Basis for Stepparent Adoption

    Applause for Ohiogal and all the crew for trying to set Mom straight. I still don't think she gets it.

    Mom, I hope some day your son's dad gets custody and you are treated as you are treating...
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    Naturalization: Re: Citizenship of Diplomat() Child

    This link will take you to attorneys who speak Ukrainian who are also members of the American Immigration Law Association. This is the organization to which many immigration law specialists belong. ...
  5. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Phone Time vs Facetime

    Unless the order specifies exactly 2 contacts a week, it should be considered the minimum number. A decent CP would encourage more especially if the child seeks the contact and benefits from it. OP...
  6. Court Proceedings: Re: Can You File for Guardianship of a Child Who is in Protective Proceedings

    OP stated should could not afford the financial responsibilities of all four children.

    In addition, the grandmother is not likely to be physically able to care for 10 month old twins, 3 and 4 year...
  7. Co-Ownership: Re: In Law Colluded to Remove Me from Parents Home Title

    Contact an attorney. I'd start with the one that handled the probate of your father's estate; I would expect that attorney should also be handling your mother's affairs.

    In my community, elder...
  8. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Summer Visitation

    Where was the child in May and June? If school is starting so early in August, it likely ended in May.

    I realize the orders were signed during the course of the summer, but for Mom to ignore any...
  9. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Summer Visitation

    Four days is am inconvenient number likely requiring an exchange mid-week; OP could be the bigger person and voluntarily allow DD to remain until the next weekend/convenient time without expecting...
  10. Other Issues: Re: Misdemeanor [Michigan, Retail Fraud- 3rd Degree], Applying for Opt After Graduati

    What makes you think an employer wants to hire a thief? Criminal issues generally impact visa issuance and entry. If asked about an arrest, you must answer honestly. Did you not consult an...
  11. Enforcing Custody Orders: Re: Summer Visitation

    What would you want if your roles were reversed? He received ONLY 42 days; you already had a big chunk of summer vacation if she was with you before the formal papers.

    What have you done to give...
  12. Relocation: Re: Moving Out of State Wutg Child

    Child support has been established. It is unclear whether it was initiated by the state or by the mother. Since custody and visitation were not, I am guessing support was by the state.

    Also the...
  13. Relocation: Re: Moving Out of State Wutg Child

    You definite should go to court to establish custody and visitation - especially with a potential military move in your future.
  14. Marriage: Re: What's the Fastest Way for a Spouse to Immigrate After a Foreign Marriage

    You will find the visajourney forum helpful
  15. Marriage: Re: What's the Fastest Way for a Spouse to Immigrate After a Foreign Marriage

    It is against the rules to enter with the intent of changing status to that of a LPR.

    If you cannot afford an attorney check with the local service agencies that assist immigrants or the local...
  16. Other Issues: Re: What Happens if You Hold Passports from Multiple Countries

    Citizenship has responsibilities as well as rights. There is no free lunch.
  17. Other Issues: Re: What Happens if You Hold Passports from Multiple Countries

    I hope you have been filing US tax returns as required of all US citizens independent of their country of residency.
  18. Modification of Custody: Re: What to Do if Your Ex Won't Sign Custody Papers

    If you have the child for your wedding weekend, are you planning to give him makeup time? I can certainly see that he would be difficult if he loses even more time with the child.

    When you...
  19. Establishing an Order: Re: How to File a Petition for Visitation When You Live in a Different State


    The best way you can help is to assist him in finding and paying a highly respected family law attorney in her area who is known for fighting for long distance parents rights.
  20. Modification of Custody: Re: Can an Absent Parent Get Joint Custody in California if Hes Been Absent

    Why does he not know his father's name?

    If your son's father has been absent from his life, how do you know he doesn't want to go with him? It certainly sounds like you are sabotaging the...
  21. Marriage: Re: Can You Get Your Immigrant Spouse Deported if You Divorce

    Check out your local Legal Aid and local university's legal clinic. I am particularly concerned about your claims of domestic violence; the outcomes of these charges may be of importance in your...
  22. Marriage: Re: Found Information Showing Wife Paid Someone to Help Her Come into United States

    Understand the differences between "annulment" and "divorce" to be prepared for your meetings with both immigration and family law attorneys. Be sure to take all of your immigration and divorce...
  23. Marriage: Re: Marrying and Seeking Permanent Residency After an Overstay

    As a member of the military, your husband has the additional services of the Military Helpline. Take advantage of their assistance.
  24. Termination of Support: Re: What Conditions Allow for Extension of Child Support After Age 18 in Tennessee

    Why do you not add her to your policy?
  25. Establishing an Order: Re: Can I Refuse to Have Undocumented Conversations with Co Parent

    Consider negotiating/talking in front of a court approved mediator.
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