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  1. Quiet Enjoyment: Re: Can I Enter Tenants Premesis when Tenant is Not There

    It appears you may have asked this same question on another forum.

    Typically 24 hour notice is a reasonable amount of time if the repair situation is not an emergency. In an emergency situation...
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    Nursing Home Injuries: Re: Corona in the Nursing Home

    "My mom is totally immobile and prefers to stay in her bed. "

    The problem with this scenario is that this places your mother at great risk of developing terrible bedsores which often are extremely...
  3. Thread: Bats

    by gail in georgia

    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Bats

    $200 to get two cats a rabies vaccination? Holy shit; where did you get this done? Around here it's under $20 per vaccination and that includes the vet visit (and most local Tractor Supply places...
  4. Re: I Live in a (Hoa) Mobile Home Community

    Sounds like management is waiting for the courts in your state to open to be able to evict this guy for things that have happened previously. Unfortunately many courts remain closed at this time.
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    Re: New Apartment Roof is Leaking

    Legally break the lease because a repair has been addressed and you play your music too loud so the neighbors complain?


    And are you the same person who has posted earlier about missing...
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    Rental Agreements: Re: Request for Copy of Lease

    "I will make another attempt today but I suspect she wants me to pay the rent first and then hand me the lease to sign. "

    From your previous postings you seem to have had a difficult time in terms...
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    Re: Move Out Fees for Carpets

    If the cost of the carpet replacement was taken out of your security deposit and you disagree with this, your "rights" are typically to dispute this with what is known as a "demand" letter, demanding...
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    Re: Custodial Called CPS on Me

    Will you lose visitation?

    Good grief; we hope so.

    You put your child in "time out" because he was sneezing too loud than hit him because he was using his phone?

    What kind of idiot are you?
  9. Thread: Help

    by gail in georgia

    Re: Not on lease, locked out of apt

    Next time don't use crazed girlfriends to lie on rental applications (having her fill out the application but using YOUR business statement to get the approval to rent) and you won't end up in the...
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    Repair and Maintenance: Re: Use of Our Space Part 2

    I'm going to suggest that because this is the cheapest place the OP has found to rent and because of the description of the cigarette butts/dog fecal matter outside that perhaps others tenants are...
  11. Extending a Lease: Re: Are There Any Legal Mechanisms to Assist Tenants when a Landlord Decides Not to R

    From your posting, you indicate you began renting in April of 2016. Is this correct? If so, why do you believe that your current property management is not going to renew your lease?

    As stated,...
  12. Medical Malpractice: Re: Dentist Refused to Treat Me & Left Me Suffering!

    Not only were you not dying, pain from a tooth is not a medical "disability".

    If you hadn't been such a jerk regarding the need for more xrays by the new dentist, it's likely your tooth issue...
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    Eviction Notices: Re: Notice to Quit

    Such a "terrible" landlord. And yet mom managed to survive there for almost 20 years.
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    Re: Lease Extesnsion

    If the tenant, consider contacting management if you wish to extend the lease past 11/30/19. If not, make certain there is not a clause that it continues after this date UNLESS the tenant notifies...
  15. Retailers: Re: Taking Pet Shop to Small Claims Court - Sold Dog with Parvovirus

    Unless the Pet Store sponsors adoptions through rescue groups (PetSmart does this) NEVER purchase a pet from a pet store. These tend to come from puppy mills; terrible conditions for the adult dogs....
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    Re: Carpets in Rental

    Interestingly, the 5-7 year life of a rental is really connected to an IRS depreciation for tax purposes. There are some landlords who charge a vacating tenant full price for replacing damaged...
  17. Repair and Maintenance: Re: Landlord Refuses to Adequately Repair Hvac

    " I believe the temp inside the home is unsafe for me and my dogs but what qualifies as "unsafe" in this circumstance? "

    Well, you can call Code Enforcement who is likely to tell you that air...
  18. Thread: Why Me

    by gail in georgia

    Re: Why Me

    "The whole "have been married on paper" bit needs clarifying as well. "

    Why do I get the idea that the OP is a female?

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    Re: Best Way to Get Tenant Out

    An ironic statement considering your interesting posting history.
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    Re: No Insulation

    As jk has mentioned, some states do have requirements regarding temperature ranges for a rental unit to be inhabitable. These typically involve heat ranges during cold weather months, not AC but the...
  21. Re: Bought New House, Ac Has Refrigerant Leak

    "Most likely what happened was that the system was charged prior to the previous owner moving out knowing that there was a leak there."

    And you can prove

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    Breaking a Lease: Re: Can We Sue

    Before you consider suing keep a couple of things in mind...

    Ask yourself do they have the funds to pay any of this should YOU (yes, it would be up to you) to find them, serve them and actually...
  23. Applying to Rent: Re: Deny Application of Criminal History

    Much of this MIGHT depend on what these arrests were for (just as an aside I would not take an applicant who had been arrested 10 times for..whatever)).

  24. Grounds for Eviction: Re: Bad Tenant, Late Rent, Other Violations of Lease Grounds for Eviction

    1. Read up on the statutes for your state regarding the process of evicting a tenant for 1.failure to pay rent and/or 2. violations of a lease.

    2. Hire an attorney familiar with the process of...
  25. Quiet Enjoyment: Re: Landlord Entered Premises Under False Pretense

    No there's nothing you can do about this and you have to right to demand anything including information regarding the showing.

    If I had a nickel for every "no show" I've had I would have, well, a...
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