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    Re: Move Out Fees for Carpets

    hi, can somebody senior member here help, none of my posts are getting posted on new thread. I used to post fine last year. When I create a new thread, it says ‘after moderator review’ but then...
  2. Discrimination: Re: Empl Discrimination and Retaliation

    1. How about not using Title VII, and rather under Section 1981 which has a four year statute of limitations?
    2. As well, could someone highlight the pros and cons of using 1981
  3. Harassment: Re: How to Get Protection Against Retaliation at Work

    Dear Javer, HR is your best protection and playing nice is your best protection. My honest advice is to not approach EEOC as you'll loose favor with your Employer. Unless you hire an Attorney (who...
  4. Discrimination: Employment Discrimination and Retaliation

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: NC, City: Raleigh

    I was terminated about-to-be 3 yrs ago after filing with EEOC, who did not pursue the case but gave right-to-sue...
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